What Makes a Stellar Video Game?

Although many may argue about what makes a good video game, many points hold true in nearly all circumstances. The most successful video games are the ones that can hold our attention and draw us in to the plot. It’s not always about hack-and-slash that creates a following of fans and players for successful games.

1. Graphics – As technology advances, the realism of video games are becoming far more life-like than ever. Visual effects, sounds, and details can make even the most mundane game a work of art.

2. Story – Video games with a good solid story can create an immense fan-base that can fuel sequels. A story that can pull a player into the game’s world can bring out emotions for characters and make the person feel like they are actually there.

3. Soundtrack – Music is a large part of our existence. The right score for the perfect location in a game can set the mood from melancholy to action-packed instances. The right soundtrack could make or break the perfect video game.

4. Interactivity – Let’s face it. We’ve all wanted to push the red button. The best games on the market give us that option. Interactivity in the game’s world keeps us intrigued with what we can alter in the virtual world. Simple effects like splashing water and grass movement when our avatar affects such can stir excitement in us as players.

5. Climatic Closure – Unless the game is planning on being part of a series, the best games leave us with a sense of closure after an exciting ending climax. Many times, players have been disappointed in the ending of certain video games. Unfortunately, these players will provide terrible reviews simply on the last five minutes of play.

6. Controls – Players don’t want to get lost on their keyboards or controllers when trying to figure out the game. Awkward controls can lead to bad reviews and a terrible experience for the player. A smooth movement of keys, mouse, or controller buttons that feel logical to the player enhances the experience. In a lot of cases, games that are easy to play out-perform those that are loaded down with too many options.

Regardless of your favorite genre, video games are a way for you to unwind after a long day and relax. In some cases, therapists have even suggested involving those suffering from hyper-tension to immerse themselves regularly into a game that can occupy his or her mind. From entertainment to therapy, video games are a part of our world.


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