Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’ Review (PC)

Swing your sword over the head of your opponent while ducking ever so lightly; swiftly move across to your side to evade the counter attack. And when you spot the perfect moment, simply bring your opponent down with a ferocious strike of your sword across his neck. See his head, dislodged from its safe resting place over his shoulders, roll on the floor next to your feet while his body continues to spew blood all over the place. Welcome to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, a game where glory and gory meet almost perfectly well.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is an entertaining, fast-paced multiplayer combat game that has an overdose of gruesome bloodshed and butchery. Well, that’s the short version of the game review. The longer version of the review is far more complicated. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is truly a fun action video game. The fact that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is the first commercial title developed and released by Torn Banner Studios doesn’t deter the game from looking remarkably great.

It is true that there is a lot this game can do to improve in terms of character movements and modeling. Somewhere along the line, we can sense a lack of polish in the game. While the gameplay in Chivalry is indeed good, it does come with few rough edges that need to be ironed out.

The Game:

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a first person slasher complete with melee style multiplayer focus. The game, set in medieval times, has players proudly brandishing swords, bows, shields and maces. In the beautiful countryside of Agatha, an unrealistic world where Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is set, 32 players fight for glory raiding castles and villages alike. This fast paced action game has no dearth of gore. This game pits the Knights of Agatha against the Mason Order. Choose where you want to belong from the selection of classes available.  You could become an Archer, a Knight, a Vanguard, a Man-at-Arms or a member of the Support Class. Based on the warrior you choose to be, a selection of weapons, axes, bows, swords will be given to you. Battles are fought over plains and mountains, castles and city streets, waterfalls and city landscapes.

The Combat:

Far from the gun-trotting soldiers of today’s games, here comes Chivalry: Medieval Warfare that makes you pick up a sword instead of a gun. This game is completely skill based and if you are a fast mover you might be able to survive. And if you do die, you die at the feet of your enemy. So, just remember not to die. Sharpen your combat skills; get ready to jump, perform expert style maneuvers, and duck under a blow that might knock you down or swiftly move across the field to save yourself from being butchered.

Players get to engage in advanced melee style combat that provides full and real time precision control. Players are always in control of the surroundings and their capabilities; they control and adjust their attack according to the need.  There is an advanced unlock system that allows players to truly customize their skill to suit diverse battlefields.

The combat style is an interesting mix of RPG, First-person Shooter mode and Fighting genre mechanics. So, as a player you get the best of play styles, high reflexes, high level strategy making tactics and accurate counter attack skills. The game comes with really large maps and surprisingly small arenas to fight in. There are various game modes too, from free-for-all mode to team objective mode. The team objective mode is by far the best. It allows players to move from one objective to another. The objective could be offensive or defensive. You could be asked to protect your king or destroy an attacking army. When you successfully complete an objective you get to move up to the next task.

Word is out that the game developers may even consider bringing single-player mode, duel-mode, new maps, weapons, classes and customization options.

Finally, the Verdict:

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare comes with an overdose of chaos, unrealistic intensity, and all the breathtaking grandeur of epic battles. All those who have been secretly living the life of a knight in shining armory deftly handling a sword, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is truly the game to make you live your dream. It is time to put on your full plate armor, brandish your sword, holler out the war cry, gallop across the field to crush your enemy and fight for eternal glory.


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