Halo 4 Review – Story and Gameplay

There was loads of suspicion surrounding this title, when the mantle was passed on to 343 industries from Bungie. It made us wonder if the new developers could deliver what is expected from such a franchise. But shattering those myths and notions emerged Halo 4, a game developed to succeed! By giving a significant revamp and new look to each and every aspect of the game, the developers have nailed a spot for themselves in the gaming realm.

Reviews can be written for games that combine elements of pros and cons, but in a game where everything seems to perfectly fit in place, what do you call it? Homage!

The Plot

Halo 4 picks up exactly after four years from the instances of Halo 3 and allows gamers to take up the role of Master Chief, yes he makes a comeback! Also present in the game is Master Chief’s close ally Cortana, who joins forces to face a new challenge in a fictional planet named Requiem. The major portions of the game unfold here and this is where they endure the Prometheans. The game’s plot also revolves around the life of Cortana and depicts her as a sufferer who is constantly struggling to survive. How the Master Chief encounters the threat besides saving Cortana from her end forms the rest of the plot. Look out for the touching climax!

The Gameplay

The game, apart from retaining some core substances of game play from the Reach version also includes certain new elements. The developers have made sure that gamers are no longer exposed to redundant phases such as long passages, repetitive vehicle missions, bulk enemy encounters, and have scattered fragments of everything throughout the game in small instances. The game paces better than the previous franchise and avoids unnecessary villain endurances and battles. The cinematic unfolding of the storyline and the narration technique adopted by the developers make this game a sure-shot winner!

The game has a range of weapons to offer and yet again proves that gun-play is the game’s unique feature. Also, the weapon inventory is designed in such a way that no single weapon is left unwanted and there are various instances throughout the game, where a particular weapon type is harnessed to the fullest. Even the enemies, who are known to be intelligent and sensible in Halo franchise, come out with a range of weapons and ammunitions. As far as we know, the game had no glitches in the game play feature. Full scores to that! Even in the graphics front, the game looked and felt stunning with intense lighting methodologies and environment rendition.

If there is one thing in the game that stands truly apart from the rest of the pros, it is the definition of relationship between the Master Chief and the AI ally – Cortana. The way the developers have intensified their characters and propelled towards an emotive climax is just subtle and pure. Though several games have made an attempt to chisel the relationships of in-game characters, only a few games manage to emerge successful and the latest to enter that list is – Halo 4!

The Bottom Line

Halo 4 is probably the best Halo game to roll out and is one of the best games to release this year. It feels like the year has taken a full circle and is complete after the Halo 4 advent. A deserving Thumbs Up!


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