Usage of Computer Technology in Civil Engineering

Today, technology is circulating in almost every field of humans’ life, whether it is social life, business management, construction, engineering or medical. A time will come, when a life will become much more difficult without the use technology in our lives. So, keeping the involvement of technology in mind, we will try to cover some of uses of computer technology in different areas of civil engineering. However, it is not possible to cover all of them, but surely some of them!

Back in 1970s, where the usage of computer technology was very limited in civil engineering field, and that’s why the construction of buildings was very slow at that time. It was not only the speed factor in constructing buildings, but also the quality and strength was not so advance and satisfactory. Today, buildings are much stronger than before. So, let’s have a look at some of the areas of civil engineering where computer technology can provide some assistance.

Structure Engineering

Everything starts with the base, and when the base is strongthen you can expect the whole thing to be strong. Computer technology can be used to design stronger structure of buildings, blocks, and homes through proper planning of maps. The software which is used to design these buildings is known as “AutoCAD”, which makes your construction process very easy and gives you the best options to design a perfect map for a building.

Primavera Project Planner

One of the most important software for managing a civil engineering project is “Primavera Project Planner”, which is operated with the help of computer. Major civil engineering related projects, programs and schedule tasks can be easily managed through this software.

Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is used mostly to control the flow of information within and outside the organization. IT is not possible without the use of computer, everything is managed through computers, for example; important office files, data, monitoring, emails, faster calculations, and software etc. Without proper IT, it will be difficult to complete any civil engineering project.

Concrete and Material Strength

Role of concrete technology is similar to a role of blood in a human’s body. Concrete gives strength by combining thousands of bricks. Perfect composition of sand, water and cement for the purpose of preparing strong concrete can be achieved through the usage of different computer software. Some software is also available to check the strength of any material that is used in the construction of buildings, like steel and bricks etc.

Hopefully, latest technology will play a vital role in civil engineering projects, and civil engineers will feel fewer burdens on their shoulders!

3 thoughts on “Usage of Computer Technology in Civil Engineering

  1. This is a good article. Keep it up !

  2. The computer can play important role in the field of civil engineering. Lot of software are using in civil, Auto CAD is an good example. We can design a building which we are going to crate and can view at every angle, so there are lot of chances for enhance the use of computer technology in civil engineering. There are lot of advantages computer technology in civil engineering-
    1. Saving of time.
    2. We can see actual view of building instead of imagination.
    3. Easy to study for students.

  3. As we know that today Computer Technology is must for every one. Whatever there profile. In Civil Engineering, computer technology play great role. CAD is one of the best example of the same. It help developer to see the char in every angle and it’s very effective software development tool. Well, i am completely agree with Charles Dean comment. Keep working, very Impressive article.