Fast VPN for Gamers

Gamers are always looking for a way to enhance their gaming experience. A far cry from your dad’s Atari there are now tons of MMORPGs and first person shooters. These are played by tens of millions of people all over the world on a daily basis. Two of the biggest banes of a gamer’s existence are slow load time and lag. Some gamers pay big bucks for the best gaming devices and the fastest internet connection and still experience problems. A VPN can help solve these problems by providing a faster network and better gaming.

Problems Plaguing Gamers

Knowing the server you are connected to could be half way around the world, it is a surprise that games do not lag more. Writing rock solid net code is usually not an option and lag is caused by dropped packets and a slow connection. You could have the fastest broadband internet available and still not be able to play at full speed. This is because of the way that your local network and the Internet connect.

Every machine that you have on your network has an IP address. This is a series of numbers that your gaming devices use to announce themselves to the internet. Your router acts as a bridge between your LAN and the Internet. It uses only one IP address between your LAN and the internet and issues individual addresses to the devices relevant to your LAN. This can cause lag issues when your games is trying to connect to multiple devices on the same router.

Using a Fast VPN to Deal with Lag

Luckily there is a way to get around these issues. By using a virtual private network or VPN you can invite your friends to game with you on your own LAN.  A VPN operates basically the same way as a LAN, but uses the internet as hardware.  All of the devices being used will use special tunneling protocols to communicate with each other. After the devices are connected to the VPN they act as if they were hooked up to a LAN in the same room.

Though a VPN can still be at the mercy of lag it does not have to deal with the problems that routing and firewalls can cause. VPN users will experience less lag and their game will be running fast and smooth. If you are a serious gamer who hates the thought of lag or other problems taking precious minutes off of your game play then a VPN is the best solution.  A VPN not only speeds up your game play but also offers a safe network for you and your friends to beat your opponents all day long.

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