FIFA 13 Ranked 1st in Top 20 Video Games of UK – A Review

This is how I look at this matter. FIFA (we’re talking about the video game) will continue to live on even if the FIFA (the Football organization) eventually disappear from the scene. Here is the 13th edition of the FIFA and the game is still huge with millions of fans all around the world. The game is taking the 1st place in the UK without any problems, and you know why? Because it is epic and it comes packed with awesome graphics, new options and ….well, the game is a legend. It’s being there for 6 weeks already, good job for EA.

The gameplay looks and feels better than ever before and these are some of the characteristics that might push your hand to reach for the money and buy the game.

  • Dribbling – Ah, when I was a kid I used to dribble my friends…well, that’s what I remember. Anyway, the new FIFA brings the 360 degrees dribble option where the attackers will face defenders and try to keep the ball with all those fancy moves you can see on TV. You can guard your ball while turning back to your opponent or you can choose to go to any possible direction.
  • 1st Touch Control – seems to be something everybody is talking about. This is the biggest change in this edition since the players in defense will have more chances to take over the ball from the attackers. The attackers are not having that perfect ball touch where the ball just glues itself to the players’ leg. The time has come for the defenders to show off their skills and to steal those balls. How do you do this? Well, it’s like in the real world football (soccer). You will have the chance to push your opponent before he gets the ball. Use your strength to make him stumble. Like this his ball might end up in your legs. Don’t just sit there and wait for him to get the ball, go for it!
  • Tactical Free Kicks – You know, this is when you are about to display a free kick above the defenders heads but instead of doing this you decide to place few players from your team to run around like they are going to be the ones to get the ball. This is popularly called dummy runs. Outwitting your opponent is loads of fun with new FIFA.
  • Attacking Intelligence – Well, this is another thing improved in the new FIFA and it is said to be “revolutionary”. Basically, it is opening up more choices for the attackers and it makes you use your brain. The developers say how every touch counts with this new feature.

Because it is such a great game and the 13th edition, we think that there are some things that should be said before we close this article. FIFA 13 is a great and very popular game in the UK and all around the globe. It did hit the top of the charts but there is a good chance that it won’t stay there for a long time, mostly thanks to the bugs which seem to be crashing down the game. Starting the game over and over again is nobody’s favorite thing so we beg the people from the EA to make some changes since the final product looks like it is not finished.

The huge amount of teams, stadiums and players make this game unique and one bug can’t destroy the legend but it is something you might think about before you decide to make a purchase. Long live FIFA!


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