5 Best and Most Exciting Games Developed for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is been released, and that is of great concern for developers. Now the developers have to update their whole stock of apps for iPhone 5. Here are top five games that have been developed for iPhone 5. iPhone 5 lovers has to do a lot of things on their handset, after checking out its functionality, perhaps you will try to do something new and stunning on your iPhone 5. If it is so, then try to find iPhone 5 games. If you are an iPhone application developer, I will recommend you to hire services from software testing company to rank high in iStore. The top five games for iPhone 5 that have been downloaded by Game fanatics are:

1) Mine Craft Pocket Edition

2) Asphalt 7 Heat

3) Jetpack Joyride

4) Blast-A-Way

5) Horn
These games got a lot of appreciation from the game lovers. The best fitted games, really been developed for iPhone 5’s large screen with adorable graphics, and visuals along with dynamic graphics.

Minecraft Pocket Edition:

A magical game that casts a spell on the players and the audience as well; the game has rich graphics and now its latest version has been released for iPhone 5.  The most downloaded game that has been played by millions of Apple’s lovers on their latest iPhone 5.  The game is basically a PC version but has been updated for smartphones.

Asphalt 7 Heat

Getting crazy and felling the speed of heat? the visually stunning version leave a great impact on you and fill you up with energies that will drive you  in the arena of Car sprinting.  The game is features with 15 circuits and 160 licensed cars. The game contains six drivers those are competing in the game. The game is functional with Wi Fi or another connection.

Jetpack Joyride

The latest version of Jetpack Joyride has been released just for iPhone 5. This app is bug free and very responsive and apt. the game is astonishing as it gets successful attracting, millions of its fan and at number four because of its extended screen resolution, its alluring graphics has contributed to its success.

Blast- A- way

This 3d game puzzler will look fine on the wider display, specially designed for new iPhone5 the game is a full package of entertainment.  Players have to choose their robots and guide them by using different bombs to clear the lane. This adventure ill surely boost up your caliber and release your boredom.


Get indulge into the fantasy of Epic, this game is a great adventure. Horn’s latest version is for iPhone 5 that is squeegeed into a smartphone screen.  You are playing the role of a hero who s striving to save his village from the evil curse. All this leads to fight battles and passing the hurdles and ultimately discovering a new realm.

Thousands of iPhone applications are developed on the daily basis but most of them lack quality just because of lacking iPhone Application Test. All of games shared above are quality apps and can make you really busy while playing them. Now what else you want if you have these top five iPhone5 games in your smartphone. Get them download d go crazy!


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