A Cold-Blooded Assassin in Hitman: Absolution Review

The favorite 3rd person shooter for the majority of the gamers: The Hitman. When somebody tells me how some new and “awesome” 3rd person shooter is coming out I don’t even want to think about buying it, I just don’t like standing behind someone’s back while playing the game.

With Hitman, it is totally different; I even kind of enjoy staring at his bar-coded neck while killing the enemies. Well, my (and probably yours) favorite 3rd person shooter is out and it’s better than ever.

Hitman: Absolution Storyline

Absolution has hit the US market on 20th of November and 3 days later the game was coming to Europe as well. The 5th edition is following our favorite agent, Agent 47, in his mission to find out who and why betrayed him and all this while police is chasing him down. He is in the middle of a dangerous and dark conspiracy and he will try to find his way out of that vicious circle. On the way to the exit of that circle, he will also have to find some answers. And yes, he will have to kill hundreds of mercenaries, bosses and anyone else who decides to block his road.

Gameplay is Still Fantastic

If you ever played the Hitman (any edition) you probably know that you can finish the missions from a number of different angles. Now, this hasn’t been changed in the 5th edition and that’s something that everybody will like. The only thing about this part is the fact that this feeling of several different angles is even enhanced. You will probably go back to the beginning of the level more than 2 or 3 times since the levels give you so many options.

If your mindset is made out of improvisation you will love this game. The game path in Absolution is all about the improvisation. Once you finish a level, try to turn out the hints and you will enjoy the game even more. Without the hints mode, it is something like a –Pro mode. You will truly get to know your character and feel like a real gamer once you decide to turn of hint help.

One of the things you will either adore or hate is that stealth mode everybody is talking about. The stealth mode is all about hiding from your enemies while trying to outsmart their A.I.  The artificial intelligence has its boundaries. You throw a book and mercenaries walk away from the scene to check the book (thus giving you open corridor to walk through) instead of checking your side of the map… this can be both interesting and annoying. For anyone who played the Hitman A.I. should be a bit better (at least this is my point of view), but then again the stealth mode is made for the people who enjoy outsmarting the A.I.

Conclusion and a Look at the Future

All in all, the game will definitely bring a mixture of feelings on the gaming forums and elsewhere. The story behind any Hitman is always a bit thin, but nobody plays the game because of the story, people play the game because it is fun. On the other side, graphics in the Hitman series could always be a bit better (my personal opinion) and this is as far as I will go with the bad sides of the Absolute.

After the six years of waiting, the Hitman has come and it is bringing hundreds of hours of playing and you shouldn’t be disappointed if the game has any lacks. If we have to wait another 6 years, to get such a good game again, we won’t mind, at all.


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