Angry Birds Star Wars – First Look

The deluging success of Angry Birds launched in the year 2009, became a cultural phenomenon, thanks to a cottage industry of stuffed animals, spinoffs and clothing that reached almost one billion downloads. Rovio, based in Finland, has released the latest spinoffs naming it – “Angry Birds: Star Wars’ combining the most addictive gameplay style, featuring the classic storyline saga of Star Wars. Even though recent games like “Words with Friends”, “Draw Something” and “Letterpress” have overshadowed the latest ‘Angry Birds’ versions, its reputation  still tries to take it to the top.

Is the new ‘Angry Birds: Star Wars’ a miss or hit? Is it a not-so-strong attempt to raise the aging franchise? Here is the review.

The story behind the theme

It all begins long ago in the far away galaxy. Made into the pig-live rivals, are the characters in “Star Wars”, also called as Tusken Raiders and Storm Troopers. The pigs have the same role as in the earlier version of ‘Angry Birds’ and are meant to be destroyed. These birds have newer identities as well as the Black bird is named Obi Wan Kenobi star and the Red bird is named Luke Skywalker and so on. If you have followed the series of ‘Star War’ games, the plot is similar. Destroy the enemies in the Force but the evil piggies are smart and will always try to stay out of your attack. Your birds boast a whole new set of abilities that depends on the kind of birds you use. When you combine your skills with the bird’s ability to knock the enemy out, you get to the next level.

The gameplay                           

Angry Birds Star Wars does not bore you with its array of galaxies to conquer and the new challenges and abilities. The beginning of the game happens in Tatooine in which players are required to pass a range of levels to advance. You will have to kill the piggies called Tusken Raiders with the help of the Red Bird or the Luke Skywalker. Later, you get the Obi Wan Kenobi that will help you with its Force to hit midair. You might also have to fight out Storm Troopers that can make use of Blaster Rifles to shoot you right in the air.

Sound effects and gameplay

As the game moves on, the fighting action among TIE fighters gives a complete experience of accurate and great sound effects. This is complemented by great life-like graphics. Even though Angry Birds is not meant to challenge game console titles and other smartphone games, its visuals are still emerging and fun to play around. Every level has a unique background with its different arrangement of piggies, sceneries and backgrounds. The theme music of the star wars edition is greeting with the motif of the Angry birds that went on throughout the game. The special music that comes along after you cross every level is motivating. Right from the oomph noises of the birds to the laughing of the piggy and the background music of every scene greatly enhanced the game effects.

The Pros        

Angry Birds Star Wars Review is a combination of dual storylines; high attention to setting and character and clever abilities make the game very interesting. It is extremely addictive owing to the different levels and great sound effects.

The Cons

The later stages of the game are slightly difficult to play and that may cause some players to give up.

Final Verdict

Angry Birds Star Wars has the force with some new characters, a fun story line and other new abilities that make it a killer package.


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