Latest Advancement: Video Game Urinals with Wii U Technology

The stiff competition has created a lot of creativity in the marketing world. There are some interesting ways that companies have come up with advertising their products, but the video game urinal may be one of the most creative ways to advertise yet. It is crazy that the main focus for a man may no longer be to relieve them, but to try to beat the highest score in the latest gaming technology.

Wii U Technology

The Wii U technology is extremely interesting and well developed. It is a little more complex than the basic tablet gaming option. The Wii U provides you with a separate gaming unit that will work with the Wii. You will be able to control a completely separate aspect of the game from a handheld controller. All you have to do is simply turn the remote in the direction in which you want to guide your character to go. It is fun and an easy concept to get used to play. The remote is bulky enough to fit in your hands for easy game play, but light enough to enjoy easy mobility. The remote itself offers a completely different point of view for the gamer than the normal game does on the television.

Video Game Urinals

The video game urinals are a great new way to utilize the Wii U technology. There is a Wii U type tablet that is installed over top of a regular style urinal. There are sensors that are installed in the urinal to start the game and then will provide you a left and right option. There are currently two options for gameplay. There is a racing game option or a trivia game option. The games can completed in short spurts.

There is also a way to claim the fame for the highest score in the urinal contest for you will be able to connect and post your scores online through your Twitter account. Once you connect to post your scores the high scores will begin to appear on the game over the urinal. It provides some entertainment for those men that might get a little bored while they are in the bathroom.

The urinal games are no touch urinal games so that you do not have to worry about touching a screen or game that has been touched with someone else’s pee hands. The screens are safely protected underneath a casing so that you do not have worry about the gaming device getting fried during any spills or accidents.

Currently there is only one place that these gaming urinals are available, and that is in a pub in the South of London. This is just to test the market and see how the average male patron responds to the new technology. If it is well received, and there is a good chance for advertisers investing in the product then they will become more widely distributed, but unfortunately you will not get to check these out unless you are somewhere near the South of London and may by looking for a drink.

There are always going to be new advances in technology and gaming, but this is a new development that has a great deal of potential. Not only will it draw customers into the business, but it will also provide the ultimate platform for advertisers to gain solid attention from the male patrons. The only downside is that it is going to be incredibly tricky to try and develop a gaming style urinal for the female patrons to enjoy.


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