Facebook Covers: A New Market Born!

We are now a year into the new Facebook profile looks, after Facebook introduced its Timeline layout back in 2011. With most users having installed Timeline, and many of them looking for stock photos to add as Facebook covers, a small new industry seems to have sprung out that offers users free or paid cover designs.

Some of these solutions come in the form of mobile applications in which users can add and edit their own photos. These apps offer some basic layouts that make the Facebook cover creation process a lot easier than say – doing it in Photoshop. However, the end product ends up looking a bit amateurish in most cases.

In addition, a large number of Facebook cover websites have sprung out that offer stock pictures that can be downloaded straight to your Facebook profile. Many of these websites will embed their logo on their images to help drive more traffic back to them. The user will get a free image but he must put up with turning his cover to an advertising billboard (something which is prohibited according to Facebook policy).

One last approach to the Facebook cover phenomenon is cover customization on a website through the use of templates, and with minimal user input (only custom text and photo). Foob.me does not ask its users to edit the cover, but simply returns a fully customized cover design from the user’s photo and text. This makes the process more fun and quick, although it limits the number of options the user has.

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