Mistakes an IT Consultant Can Help you Avoid

As a business owner, you’re faced with endless challenges – from nurturing prospective clients to keeping your budget out of the red. The IT part of your business doesn’t have to be a challenge that makes you feel out of control. With the help of an IT consulting service, you can avoid some common mistakes.

Here’s a look at some of the mistakes IT consultants can help you avoid:

Failure to keep up with technology

The choices are endless. You can be on the “leading edge”, or just “out-of-touch”. Oftentimes, to get ahead, you have to sever ties with the ways of the past and embrace new technological solutions. You know technology is constantly in a state of flux, and it can be hard to keep up when you’ve got so many day-to-day fires to put out, but a “true” IT consulting service can help position you exactly where your business needs to be when it comes to your system choices. As a result, you’ll enhance your company’s competitive edge, become more efficient and productive, have happier customers and reduce company risks.

Getting burned by a vendor

In the everyday world, staying loyal to a company or a particular IT consultant you trust can be a good thing, because you’ll always get the results you seek. In the IT world, going back to the same vendor for your IT needs can seem appealing, but the products and solutions may only provide sub-par solutions or fail to meet your ever-changing needs. Plus, when you’re working with an IT consultant, there is the nagging question of whether the proposal is what “they” want or what you really need. After learning about the tech solutions your business uses and needs, “true” IT consultants can recommend the vendors that will help the IT system meet your company’s goals and budget.

Failure to create a disaster plan

If a fire or other disaster disabled a large part of your company, how would your IT system help it bounce back? (Would your IT system even survive?) Neglecting to plan for worst-case scenarios can bring your business to an end. To avoid such a catastrophe, an IT consulting service can help you set up your system to back up important information and files, keep the information stored safely and ensure business continuity.

The wrong cloud strategy

It’s cool to be in the cloud, but making the leap blindly without knowing about the options available can result in security lapses, features you can’t use, integration problems and missing out on the best that cloud computing offers.  Because no two cloud services are alike, IT consultants can review the best options for your business with you and explain the pros and cons of each.

Focusing on the small picture – cost

When money is tight, it’s simple to go with the IT solutions that are the least expensive. This small-picture mentality, however, can backfire on you in the end. When you invest in quality products and solutions, you have the potential to make your processes more efficient and effective, increase productivity, make employees more content and make room for innovation. An IT consultant can help you look at the big picture when you need advice about IT spending so you can truly see what your money buys and determine which expenses are necessary.

Failure to create an IT goal

What’s the purpose of your IT department? What’s its mission statement? When your IT department has no purpose, it merely exists. An IT consulting professional can help remedy this problem so the department’s objective is aligned with your company’s goal, gives the department a focus and provides motivation.

Which of these mistakes are you in danger of committing? If you have an IT consultant and this is the first time you are hearing these tips, then get a “true” IT consulting service on board to help you mitigate IT risks and gain control over all your operations.


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