Social TV Apps: Changing How You Watch Live TV

When you watch TV, are your eyes always on the screen? Chances are that you multitask while you sit in front of the TV. A Nielsen study shows that nearly 40% of Americans use their smartphones or tablets while watching TV at least once a day. That number creeps up to 62% for using both smartphones and tablets multiple times a week. Plus, at least 84% of Americans claim to watch TV while on their smartphone or tablet at least once a month.

American Express is hoping to capitalize on the TV audience.

TV show sets as shops?

Ever watch a TV show and envy the characters’ wardrobes, their jewelry or even their home décor? American Express has partnered up with NBC Universal to bring fans the fashion and feng shui of their favorite shows. How? With Zeebox!

A social TV app, Zeebox is designed for the TV fan elite. People using the Zeebox app can buy merchandise that’s “inspired” by the shows they love.

Think of Zeebox like a real-time dashboard. You can see what your friends are watching, show everyone what you’re watching and rate shows. See what’s popular on TV, invite friends to be in the “audience” of a show and even pull up related clips and photos about what’s on.

Twitter hash tag, meet Zeebox Zeetags

Zeebox has a bit of Twitter in its veins. Not only can you read Tweets about what’s on TV, but Zeebox shows Zeetags – tags which can be anything from athlete player profiles to music you can download to highlight reels. The Zeetags adapt and change as the show you are watching develops further.

Different Zeetags link back to different places, like Wikipedia pages, video clips and even sponsored websites.

What sets Zeebox apart is it’s about live TV. Hulu and Netflix have cornered the market for online streaming services, but not live streaming. Zeebox brings live TV to life.


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