The Future Technology of Cell Phones

Today’s cell phones can do just about anything that a desktop computer can. With cell phones decreasing in size and increasing with features, this makes them the perfect device for individuals on the go. With cell phones already being capable of so much, it’s hard to imagine what the future will bring. Currently, the technology being researched the most falls into two categories, design and features.


The overall design of a cell phone is extremely important. It doesn’t matter if the phone is capable of teleportation if it’s impossible to carry around. While the overall size of future cell phones has yet to be determined, one thing that is being looked into is width and flexibility.

Clear Glass

Imagine if a thin piece of glass could be fully functional cell phone. That’s the idea behind clear glass technology. The phones would be transparent and able to fit in pockets easily.

Flexible Screen

A smaller device now means a smaller screen, but this could be a thing of the past with flexible screen technology. The theory is that a device can be large enough to use as a tablet, but can also be rolled up and stored in the pocket easily.

Bracelet Design

It’s also possible that cell phones won’t need to be stored in the pockets at all. Recent research has doing work on bracelet cell phones. These phones would be worn on the wrist and could be set to display any design that wearer wanted. They would also be, perhaps, the easiest fully functional cell phone to carry around.


The design of the cell phone isn’t the only thing changing. Features are increasing and technology is constantly growing. There is currently being real strides made in the following features:

Projecting Keyboard

Most people want their devices small, but this can be hard for those who have large fingers. The projecting keyboard was designed to fix this. The cell phone will be capable of projecting a full sized keyboard onto the table it is placed on.

Projecting Holograms

There have also been real strides made in hologram technology. With phones already capable of Skype and other video chat options, it only makes since that holograms would be next. 3D technology is also increasing, and these will likely be merged to create a virtual reality 3D experience for the cell phone user. Just imagine how this could affect mobile gaming.


The Swine Flu scare showed that the public is not ready for a potential pandemic. As knowledge increases about illness, it’s likely that cellular phones will reflect this with nanotechnology. Phones will likely have the ability to scan food for harmful bacteria and instantly sanitize surfaces.

More Uses

Cell phones are already being used to play music, plan events, take pictures, and dozens of additional features. These will likely increase over the years with more focus on music and TV. In particular, projecting technology has come a long way. This could allow phones to transform a room into a large movie theater, giving users a cinematic experience from the comfort of their own home.

Solar Technology

Solar technology has been increasing and improving over the years. There are already several add-on devices that can be purchased for transforming a cell phone into a solar device, but the public will likely see more of this being programmed into the phone itself. This would improve the battery life of the device dramatically because the phone would constantly be being charged if placed in sunlight.


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  1. Jonnalyn Pascual says:

    As technology evolves fast things are also evolving. Cellphones are one of thoe things that change and evolve fast because people are really using in for different purposes.