iPhone 5 vs. Windows Phone 8 Comparison: which is best?

The world of Smartphone is constantly changing. To keep in the competition, vendors are launching new versions of phones, software and apps every now and then. As a buyer you might get confused between all these rapid changes unless you take your time and go through articles, press releases, and news to update yourself with latest news. But who has the time! There is longstanding rivalry between Microsoft and Apple in the field of producing Smartphone.

If you really can’t decide between iPhone 5 and Windows phone 8 then here is the comparison between the two that might help you to decide which one is better.


We all know that Apple phones are designed with premium material and incorporated with the various features of the earth and iPhone 5 is nothing different. Whereas if you choose Windows 8 you have can hop around between Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and HTC brands with different configurations available. You will have the option of choosing beautiful handsets and colors if you go with Windows 8.


The display of any phone is one of the most important features that should be considered closely. iPhone 5 boasts four inch in-cell sensitive touch panel with incredible 640X1136 pix resolution and the density of 326ppi, whereas any Windows 8 Phone such as Nokia Lumia 920 features 768X1280 display, which is better than iPhone 5 actually. Windows Phone 8 is a totally different story than iPhone 5.

Windows Phone 8 looks unique and different and amazingly attractive. Windows phone is the great companion for your Windows computer. It actually keeps you closer to the people that really matter in your life.


If you go with performance wise, iPhone has the edge, but Live Tiles of Windows Phone 8 is such a cool feature that is unique and will keep you updated all the time. Live Tiles allow you to access to your recourses faster than any other Smartphone available. Although iPhone 5 is incorporated with better processor, Windows phone 8 fills the gap by introducing Live Tiles. You can easily customize Live Tiles with apps and programs that you use frequently so that you launch them easily and quickly to save time.

There are plenty of different apps on Windows Phone 8 which are very useful. One of such apps is kids’ corner. It is a phone within a phone which restricts your kids from accessing your vital data. Windows Phone 8 has a most intelligent keyboard around which makes it very easy to type your messages and send them to people you want.

Battery Performance:

If you consider Windows Phone 8X from HTC then it has better battery life than iPhone 5. Both can charge up quickly almost eighty percent in an hour. A feature such as wireless charging is only available on Windows Phone 8 not in iPhone 5.

Quality of Call:

If you compare Windows Phone 8X with iPhone 5 then both have almost similar kind of sound quality but while multiple conversations, HTC has the edge on iPhone 5. Both phones have excellent audio and a sound quality over headphones is good.

Now everything is in front of you to decide which one is better. If you like you can explore more by going online easily.


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