Transformers Prime for Wii U Review

Video games these days, have gotten better with the changing times and innovation in technology. They are accompanied with a perfect story line, amazing graphics and animation and enough gaming challenges to keep the players occupied. If you are a big video game fan, you have one more reason to be happy about, as Transformers Prime for Wii U has been launched. This game has been reviewed.

Transformers Prime Wii U

This game takes inspiration from the television series Transformers Prime. This game is from the same production house who delivered the third person shooter game ‘Transformer: War of Cybertron’ to the world. Not surprisingly, this game revolves around Auto-bots who are stationed on an abandoned military base in the heart of the Nevada desert.

Transformers Prime: for Wii U Quick facts

Developers: Nowpro

Publisher: Activision

Launch date: November 18, 2012

Genre: Third-party shooter action, adventure, science-fiction video game

Transformers Prime: for Wii U: More about the game

Unique driving sequences sum up this game. Players can opt to play this game in the multiplayer mode or in the competitive or cooperative mode. Players can play with each other or against each other in the game.  Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Ratchet, Arcee and Bumblebee are Team Prime. The game is about the journey that Miko, Raf and Jack embark upon to defeat the Decepticons.

Transformers Prime: for Wii U: The Game Review

The television series targets the younger audience and this game Transformers Prime: for Wii U is no different. It is designed to please the younger crowd. The gaming characters are so powerful that they will leave a lasting impression in the gamers’ mind for many years.

This game is recommended for a mature audience as the action demands depth. Transformers Prime: for Wii U does not end with a few kicks and punches and injuring the enemy. Players get an opportunity to get close with their enemy. Each of the characters in the game has a different set of strengths. As a gaming player you must study the character before you decide to play the game.

The story is about the kind alien robots who are trying their best to fight Megatron and his Decepticon forces. However, trouble comes when during a mission a gaming character is locked inside a vehicle.

In the Wii U platform, tilt controls are used to play this game. For steering their way ahead in the game players regard this as not the greatest options though. Gamers feel that the vehicles in the game move rather slow increasing their chance of being attacked by the enemy. What makes things worse for players is the fact that the timer refuses to reset from where it was if the players fall off the track.

The good news is that Transformers Prime: for Wii U allows players to keep track of how they progress as a player.

To conclude

Call it as an escape from reality or a one stop entertainment solution, this game has managed to keep young gamers at the edge of their seats while playing. This game might not just impress someone who is over 30 years of age. However, this holiday season Transformers Prime: for Wii U can be a perfect gift for a young family member or a not so old friend.


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