7 Easy Steps to Increase Google Page Rank of your Blog OR Website

Page Rank can be defined as link analysis algorithm that is used by search engines as Yahoo, Bing and Google to determine the relevance and significance of your link. Page ranks are not static and keep changing over a period of three to four months.

To improve your fortunes in the competitive online world, it is imperative that you keep working on improving your Page Rank. Below are listed some ways through which you can increase your page rank and ensure your comprehensive presence in the online world.

1) Quality Content

Quality is the key to success and this holds true when it comes to improving your page rank. More the emphasis you pay on quality content, better are the chances of the content being highlighted. Recently is Google is penalizing blogs for having low quality content. Low quality content may damage PR of your blog or website. Create unique, informative and user-friendly content.

2) Bring Quality Back Links

This method will not bring instant results but will push up your rankings with time. The page rank is largely dependent on quality back links and more the number of back links you are able to generate for the website, better are the prospects of the website being promoted on page ranking basis. Always try to get links from relevant and authority blogs/sites. By authority I mean placement of the link, domain age of the site or blog where you want to get links and quality of the site. Don’t put your links on low quality websites or blogs; it may damage your rankings.

3) Guest Postings

Another reliable way of increasing your Page Rank is to publish guest posts. I think guest posting is one of the most famous ways to get relevant and authority links on high quality blogs or websites. Guest articles can be posted on other blogs having content as your niche area. Most of the blogs have the option of accepting guest posts and by posting your blog entry as a guest, you will be able to get quality back links for your blog.

Ensure that you are posting on blogs that have good page rankings. Having guest postings on blogs similar in approach as you chosen segment will help you push your page rankings further up, thus generating business for you and your initiative.

4) Site Submissions

Along with generating quality back links it is imperative to submit the website on article directories and distinct web directories. The key to success here is to choose web directories pertinent to your niche area. This initiative will bring results soon and you will notice an improvement in your page ranking too.

5) Participation in Forums

Search engines as Google have a special fancy for forums that undergo regular up gradation. Your participation in these forums will result in generation of quality back links and you will notice an increase in your page rankings.

6) Keep yourself updated

Keeping updated on the latest developments in the online world helps when it comes to improving your page rankings. The best way of doing the same is to post your comments on other blogs and websites of your interest to that are promoting content similar to your niche area. This will also help you to develop back links to your blog, thus helping you improve your Page Rank eventually.

7) Exchanging Links

This is another way of improving your web visibility. Exchanging links help you to link up with other blogs and gives you a chance to promote your content too. Blog readers who are attuned to reading a particular blog will get an additional option and this will translate as a viable business opportunity for you too. Your Page Rank is sure to receive a boost as you reader base increases.

Follow the above listed tips and watch your page rankings touch a new height.


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