Iron Man 3 Preview – Most Awaited Movie of 2013

Iron Man 3 is the latest upcoming release from Marvel Studios, probably the most awaited and interesting movie of 2013. Iron Man has already made a huge fan base around the world, and that’s why people are waiting so badly for the release of Iron Man 3. The other two parts which were released previously have already got a phenomenal success.

Iron Man 3: Film Story

They are going to introduce Tony Stark, the brilliant industrialist, as an iron man against the foe whose approach and power is simply beyond reach and has no bounds. When the iron man realized that his world especially personal life is badly destroyed by his enemy, he regains his power and embarks on the dreadful quest to catch the responsible. This journey of the Iron man 3 is very interesting and fascinating that test his power and mettle at every stage of the movie. In this movie, Stark is left alone to survive on his own with his individual devices, trusting on his instincts and ingenuity to protect his close and dear ones.

Iron Man 3: Release Date and Distribution

Iron Man 3 is proudly presented by the Marvel Studios in collaboration with DMG entertainment and Paramount pictures. President of the Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige producing the movie and the names of executive producers includes Louis D’Esposito, Jon Favreau, Victoria Alonso, Stephen Broussard, Stan Lee, Charles Newirth, Dan Mintz and Alan Fine. The release date for the most awaited film is announced as May 3, 2013. Moreover, it is distributed/circulated by the Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures.

Addition of Wang Xuequi in Iron Man 3

Another interesting and most fascinating thing about the Iron man 3 is that after serving several years in the production industry, Marvel has introduced a new Chinese actor naming Wang Xuequi in the movie. He joined the movie as a supporting actor and the name of the character is Dr. Wu. Xuequi is known across the globe for his super-hot performance in movies like “Bodyguards and Assassins” and “Warriors of Heaven and Earth”. He will appear in a totally different character in Iron Man 3, probably you’ll like him in a new style.

Predictions about the Movie

Announcement of iron man 3 released date gives birth to several rumors and different age group have different expectations from this movie. Trailers of the movie make the people anxious about its release. It is noticed that some people are expecting the movie as a comic serial while some take it as the serious version like its predecessors. However, it is confirmed from the trailers that the iron man’s life in 3rd series is much darker than the previous versions. Iron Man lovers can still expect some comic lines, better action scenes and better cinematography. Whatsoever, the movie might carry the director and co-writer of the film Shane Black has the skill to blend drama elements or edgy action with a slight sly humor.

Iron Man 3: Leading Cast

No doubt, Iron Man 3 is the most awaited movie, action-movie lovers have attached a high expectation form this action movie. Iron man 3 also starring:

  • Robert Downey
  • Rebecca Hall
  • Don Cheadle
  • Stephanie Szostak
  • Gwyneth Palrow
  • Ben Kingsley
  • Jon Favreau
  • James Badge

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