Android Mobile Phone and Its Advantages

The demand of the smart phones has increase by the popularity of Android and many companies are developing the Android applications. Android has become more pretty these days, Android app has become a significant tool for developing android applications. There are many operating systems available in mobile markets but most of the people prefer using Android. It is very easy to handle and the tool is quite easy to use of its OSN (open source nature).

Android helps the designers to design and work on applications quickly so that app can be implemented in the market quickly. Android mobile founds an OS, main applications, the middle ware and SDK.

SDK simplifies the designers with tools and APIs required for development. Android platform allows the designers to develop the applications so that these applications can distribute freely on web world.

An android mobile smart phone and it benefits are as follows.

  • Android OS is based on Linux. This enables user friendly to core functionality and to develop environment of the mobile.
  • It can find data quickly and provides accurate information.
  • Cycle is radically reduced.
  • Tools are really easy to use.
  • Service and information are given to the designers without any biasness.
  • Provides top class facilities of browsers and this help the developers to enhance services.
  • Multitasking- Yeah, Android mobiles can run numerous applications; we can browse, use Facebook and listen to song.
  • Notifications: email, articles or SMS will be a warning on home screen. Observe the LED light blinking then no chance of missing SMS, mails and so on.
  • When we compare Android phones with other it has advanced operating system. By comparing with other mobiles it can run simple applications.
  • In Android mobiles we use WebKit to run Google Chrome. I agree that in iPhone we use WebKit too but Android mobiles are in straight competition with iPhone.
  • Android demands growing faster these days because it is open source OS. Android obtainable easily on web and it is providing tons of apps to the users. It doesn’t cost much so people love using android on their mobiles.

You can see all this happening in your new Sony Xperia was revealed in CES 2012 and has been released in this year. This mobile has 4.3 inch LED display, 12 mega pixel cameras and 1.5 GHz, the Xperia doesn’t come with ICS but it can be expected in future.

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