Apple iPad Mini Review – Latest Edition in Gadget’s Industry

Apple explores the parts of technologies that are usually beyond the human mind and expectations. Apple has revolutionized the tablet industry back in 2010 and since then are making efforts to bring forth best of the best. The success and popularity of the latest iPad Mini is pretty much guaranteed especially in the presence of Google Nexus 7 and Amazon’s kindle. Tech geeks have made it clear that this new device is not just meant for enjoying angry bird during lunch hours in fact, is a nice edition for the business people as well. This article exudes a descriptive view of the iPad Mini and I am pretty much sure you can’t resist buying it.

Screen and build of iPad Mini

It gives the same physical appearance like its competitors but, have a bit bigger screen of 7.9 inches. Thus, giving iPad mini 35% extra display real-estate than the 7 inch tablets and this difference is easily noticeable. The display of iPad Mini has a high pixel density as compared to the sibling’s iPad2 and iPad. It has vivid and excellent angles and vibrant colors. Moreover, the weight of this latest gadget is about half of the 3rd and 4th iPad generation and is 23% thinner. The build quality of iPad mini is outstanding and is solid like a rock. The display resolution is 1024×768 at 63ppi (Pixel per inch)

iPad Mini Performance

Like its predecessor this iPad also supports Wi-Fi dual band that enables it to roam around everywhere. Apple also mentioned channel-bonding in the specification and neighboring 20MHz channels combined together to design a 40Hz channel for clear and better throughput. It also share similarity with iPad 2 in processor and the chip A5 is getting a bit old but, made no compromise on its working and performance. Review has made it clear that when it is about browsing and gaming then, this mini iPad leads the road. It has Bluetooth and USB port as well.

iPad Mini Camera quality

Camera of the iPad mini is at its best especially the rear camera. It shows marvelous results and takes sharp brilliant photos even in grimy condition and gives beyond imagination results with accurate color and background adjustment in nice lights. Apart from the videos it is exceptional in making videos and one will feel comfort and ease using this mini iPad than the big version for making videos and capturing images. It also features face recognition for videos and photos. Moreover, it is sleek and undeniably beautiful and its seamless edges make it an irresistible gadget. Its strong build that is unique and unrivaled by the 7-inch competitors flaunting in the gadget markets.


  • Great battery life
  • Portable and light in weight
  • Marvelous design


  • Higher price than the competitors
  • No dock adopter and headphones

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