iPad Mini vs. iPad 3 vs. Nexus 7: Should I buy iPad Mini?

Most people intending to buy a tablet would be in for a variety of choice. First, there are the normal sized tablets i.e. the iPad and then there are the smaller ones like the iPad Mini.

If Apple’s own variances in the tablet category are not enough reasons to be unsure, there are small tablets from other makers as well, among which the most popular one is the Google Nexus 7. Quite naturally, a question arises out of everywhere if one should buy the iPad Mini.

Well, here are a few reasons why buying an iPad Mini is worthwhile.

The iPad Mini is extremely thin and light. The New iPad otherwise known as the iPad 3 is a fairly large device and is not perfectly portable or easy to handle. To the contrary, the iPad Mini is the perfect size to hold, use the touchpad interface and it can easily slip into the pocket. With iPad Mini, mobile computing becomes truly a reality.

The price of the iPad Mini goes down well with most tablet seekers. Not many can or would like to spend a small fortune on iPad 3 thus making the Mini a handsome choice. The iPad Mini also doesn’t compromise much on the screen display, appearance and the other specifications. It is light weight, only 0.68 pound in comparison with the iPad’s 1.33 pounds.

It is sleek and loaded with Wi-Fi and everything that you need in a mobile computer. The front and rear cameras are amazing and the HD images are a treat for anyone. Looking at the iPad Mini from all perspectives, it is clearly a better choice than the iPad 3 and it is no wonder that the small tablet is flying off the shelves across most retail stores.

Now, in comparison with the Nexus 7 from Google which is also a 7 inch small tablet, Apple’s iPad Mini stands a fair chance of winning after meticulous consideration of the features of both. The slightly wider screen of iPad Mini at 4.75 inches is better than the 3.75 inches of Nexus 7.

The Nexus 7 is also a bit heavier at 0.75 pound in comparison with the iPad Mini. The Mini offers 64 GB of storage while the maximum Nexus can offer is 32 GB. Nexus 7 doesn’t have a rear camera while the iPad Mini offers both. Apple iPad Mini appears to be a clear winner when pitted against the Nexus 7.

Even with the best iPad Mini case, the device is still small, compact, light and extremely well provisioned tablet is certainly worth a buy.

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