LEGO’s Marvel Super Heroes Game: Sneak Preview

Warner Bros has announced that Lego Marvel Super Heroes is due for release in fall 2013, meant for the Xbox 360 from Microsoft. Players can also use PlayStation 3 system or the Wii U in addition to Windows personal computer. Handheld device users can use Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS as well or PlayStation Vita system too. This is maiden release for the Lego and more in the series are due to follow. You will see the best characters in the game. The Marvel Super Heroes will be having a good time again after they assemble for action.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is expected to complement for toys produced under the same brand collections which too introduces the characters, toy vehicles universally acclaimed build and play adventure. At present there are eight scenes for Iron man, X-Men, Spider Man. It has also been announced that more construction sets linked to Iron Man 3 feature movie is likely to be introduced in spring this year.

The story line of Lego Marvel has an all new exclusive storyline. In the storyline is Nick Fury who calls Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, the Hulk and many more heroes spread across the Universe of Marvel to protect from destruction, spell, threat of Loki and Galactus hunder; the people who devour the worlds. Fans of Marvel can enjoy the classic from Lego Video game adventure. Add to that is great humor when they play like Marvel Characters.

The Managing Director of TT Games Publishing has stated that their company is pleasantly excited in bringing such a large variety of classic characters lively in Lego form. He believes it is going to be lots of fun for everyone in the family and for friends. At the core of all this is the Marvel Universe. Players will fight against ultimate for protecting the earth from disastrous effects. T Q Jefferson, of Marvel Entertainment who is the Vice President of the company said that Lego and Marvel patrons have been demanding this game since many years and those they are meeting it this time.

Players will get the opportunity to release more than 100 plus characters from the universe of marvel , that include some favorite characters like Spider-Man, Captain America and many more still like Black Widow, Hawkeye and Deadpool. Packed into the game are multiples of super cool character skills, combat oriented actions, scenes of epic like battle, puzzle and an exclusive story all told with humor typical to Lego.

The game has also been made in many different versions so that it can be played on handheld devices also. More information about the publishers and producers behind this game are available and they are here.

Marvel Entertainment is fully owned by Walt Disney and most games they produce are character based. Basically Walt Disney is an entertainment company with over 8000 characters to its credits accumulated over a period of 70 years.

Lego Group is basically a family controlled company having its base in Denmark. The basic business of the Lego group is producing toys for children that brings creativity and develops their imaginative abilities. Their products are available in 130 countries across the globe. To know more about the company you can visit


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