Nokia Lumia 820 vs. Nokia Lumia 920: Comparison Review

With the recent release of Nokia’s Lumia 820, people are confused which one to buy between Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. But don’t take any tension! Let’s make it clear by comparing the features, specs and performance of both the phones, so you can make the best choice according to your preference! Firstly, let’s have a look at Lumia 820:

Nokia Lumia 820

There can be no hesitation in stating the fact that Nokia Lumia 820 is truly one of the best among the Lumia phones of the next generation. What makes it different from the other phones in the Lumia series is that it has a removable shell. It can be used in a variety of phone cases. The phone has a thickness of 9.9mm and its weight is near about 5.64 ounces. What is most remarkable about Nokia Lumia 820 is that it boasts of a “Qi standard” wireless charging under the body.

It is also the first of its kind in many other ways. It is the first phone to allow expansion of memory up to 64 GB. It makes use of “microSD” expansion. This phone has a button layout that is similar to the Windows Phones. It comprises of 3 capacitive buttons below the screen with touch screen features. At the phone’s bottom edge is the provision for a micro USB. The user is also gets the scope of enjoying the features of the single speaker that has the capability of producing high quality sound. It provides a mediocre display of 4.3 inch. The resolution it supports is 800 x 480 pixels. The phone really provides the users with impressive viewing angles. However, it is noticeable that there is no Corning Gorilla Glass covering on the display.

Nokia in itself is very much well renowned for providing smartphone cameras that are of extremely high quality. Nokia Lumia 820 is not an exception. The phone is stuffed with camera of 8MP resolution. The camera has a Carl Zeiss lens that along with a flash having dual LED features. The interface of the camera is quite similar to the rest of the Windows 8 cell phones. It also includes options such as white balance, ISO and exposure etc.

Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920 has been gathering considerable amount of attention nowadays. With a weight of 185 grams, the phone is a little bit on the heavier side when compared to the rest of the Lumia phones. The measurement of the screen is 4.5 inches. It has a 768 x 1280 pixels resolution. The screen displays some rich colors. The text too is quite sharp and noticeably deep. The device is quite strongly built and has a storage space of 32GB available within it. Along with that, there is a free space of 7GB provided by “SkyDrive”.

The phone has a home screen that consists of many tiles. The colours and also the background of these tiles can be changed by you easily. However, it is noteworthy that this device does not have any theme or wallpaper. The information and the apps that are displayed on the tiles have a great amount of clarity. They are much better when compared to the other icons that you can avail in the rest of the platforms. Another fantastic feature of this phone is “People Hub”. It helps you to sign up for different social networking websites. There is also a “Kid’s corner”. It is actually a space for including music, videos, games and also certain apps.

On a concluding note, it can be said that both Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920 are stuffed with some extremely attractive features. When the two are compared, it can be seen that both has numerous positive aspects along with some ignorable negative ones.


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