Samsung Galaxy S4 Preview: Release Date, Price and Specs/Features

The success and popularity of Samsung Galaxy S3 has made sure about the arrival of its successor named as the Samsung Galaxy S4. Long battery life, wireless charging ability and countless other fascinating features have attracted a substantial attention of the Smartphone geeks. Rumors are in the air that this latest and most darling Smartphone will be launched in the market somewhere in the April 2013. According to the new Samsung website SamMobile, the new member of this brand will join the phone lovers on 15th April 2013. However, the real date will be announced at the end of February.

Technology lovers are well aware of the fierce competition between the Samsung S series and Apple’s iPhone especially in the leading technology markets like Europe, US, Middle East and in the other parts of the world as well. Moreover, Samsung S series especially S3 has faded many remarkable and astonishing handsets from other brands also. Samsung SIV is believed to be the key competitor of expected Apple iPhone 6.

This latest member is projected to sell more than 10 million items in a single month according to the news site of the South Korean. They have reported that Samsung ordered their suppliers and manufacturers to supply around 10 million units each month for the Samsung S4.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

All the hype about Samsung Galaxy S4 has put the world on fire and the rumors about the Smartphone specifications are rife. The yet revealed specification includes a large display of about 4.9 inches with 1080p resolutions. This Smartphone is based on Android 4.2.1 OS having Exynos 5450 Quad 2GHz chip. It is also suggested that it has either 12 or 13 MP rear face camera and has 2 MP front camera. Galaxy S4 has 2GB RAM, but the most fascinating and unique feature is the wireless charging facility. It also features a better 2,600 mAH battery and is higher than S3’s 2,100mAH. Though, the detailed specifications of Galaxy S4 has not been disclosed yet, however, its potential rival iPhone 6 is anticipated to be launched at the Mobile World Conference in the coming month.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S4

The speculation regarding the SIV is not pocket friendly yet, but the majority is of the view that it will be around the price of Samsung S3 i.e. $787. The price of this latest and most desirable Smartphone will be definitely lower than the iPhone. The tech experts are of the view that Samsung S4 will grab a new and dominate place for Samsung on the Android platform.  The annual sales goal of Samsung S4 is expected to be  500 million for the year 2013.

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