Best Cameras for Aspiring Filmmakers

A professional camera is a necessity for aspiring filmmakers. This serves as an important tool to help them capture high quality films and documentaries. With the recent technological advancement in the film industry coupled with an expensive price tag, you will find it rather difficult to find the right camera to use, especially if you have a limited budget. However, despite such new innovations with hefty price tags, there are quite a lot of good quality and affordable cameras available in the market today that aspiring filmmakers can make use of.

Choosing the right camera to use

If you are an aspiring filmmaker then you probably know how important it is to choose the right camera. In line with this, it is a must that you learn how to compare features of the various products available today. This way, you will be able to determine which product and features is most beneficial for you. Here is a list of good quality cameras that aspiring filmmakers can make use of.

Canon XH-A1 HDV

This device is the miniature version of the Canon XL H1DV. While this may be a smaller version, this device performs like its brother. This camera comes with the ability to perform on low light setting which is a great attribute for a professional high definition video camera. While it has some good points to note, this device also comes with some drawbacks.Canon-XH-A1-HDV

This camera does not have lens interchangeability feature. There are also some users who are doubtful of the 30F as well as the 24F frame rates.


This device from JVC is somewhat similar with the Canon XH-A1HDV when it comes to lens interchangeability feature as well as size.JVC-GY-HD110U-MiniDV

The JVC GYHD110U MiniDV features the Fujinon 16x ProHD lens and comes with real progressive video measuring at 720p. However, the device does not provide options for interlaced video recording.

Panasonic AG-HVX200

The Panasonic AG-HVX200 makes use of P2 tape-less recording system. This camera has the ability to capture DVCPRO video DV tapes using the Panasonic P2 memory cards or a DTE drive.Panasonic-AG-HVX200

This device also uses pixel shifting to be able to raise its 500 pixel count to an HD resolution.

Sony HDR-FX7

The Sony HDR-FX7 camcorder has its own share of good and bad points. This camera from Sony comes with a clear VID CMOS sensor which can actually make great impressions when used in bright light.Sony-HDR-FX7

However, for low light setting, the image quality is low and has a tendency to fall to pieces. However, added features of the Sony HDR-FX7 would be the ability to omit XLR inputs as well as external sound level controls.

It’s your decision to make

Each filmmaker will have his or her own needs and preferences when it comes to making professional videos. This is why it is very important that product features are compared to make sure that the camera chosen can suffice the filmmaker’s professional high definition video camera needs and preferences. While the price tag is a huge factor that is needed to be considered, this does not define the camera’s performance and quality. There are affordable video cameras that would provide you good quality performance and results without excessive additional features. If you do not have a budget limit then choosing the most advanced devices would be a good option. It would be the filmmaker who will decide which camera is worth it.


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