Samsung Galaxy S4 – Carrying on the Beautiful Legacy

Samsung learned the ways to progress the hard way. In effect, like every other struggling element in this world, it at last got the best of it. Samsung’s smartphones today define the one entity that managed to confront Steve Jobs’ very intelligent iPhone. The South-Korean company, that initiated its trading based heavily on constructions and shipbuilding, has now announced the latest descendant of its Galaxy series – S4, and the very-anxious Samsung fans are expecting no less of the beauty.

The force with which the initial Galaxy phones took the smart phone users cleared the path for the coming offspring – Galaxy S4. But when such an awaited gadget is announced, an analysis becomes a need. Will it meet the hopes and dreams of its seekers? Will it accede to the beautiful progress of its ancestors? The answer derived from a very vague, and most-of-it-rumored, picture of the upcoming S4 seems like it will give a ‘yes’ to the above two questions. One very seemingly striking feature the approaching smart phone is expected to have is wireless charging. The idea is as attractive as the name- though not original since Nokia and HTC smartphones have already adopted this feature. The S4 phone will come with a wireless charging dock, accompanied with a wireless charging cover. The charging dock is expected to be standardized, thus will be available in common electronics shops.

Moreover, it is rumored that Samsung S4 is going to have a high definition screen with high pixel intensity – it means the screen will be brighter and much sharper than witnessed in the previously available Galaxy series smart phones. This change is dreary, perhaps another addition to it would do- and that is exactly what Samsung thought about before announcing its flexible display technology. Yes, it was heard right – flexible screen displays. The S4 smartphone will have a display that can be bent or folded around either way, something that many smartphone companies have been struggling to get. This breakthrough to the flexible screen technology is precisely what the Samsung techs are so keyed up about. What’s more is that since larger screen displays have always been fancied by smartphone lovers, the S4 phone will have an increased-to-5” display screen size.

After all the rumors and announcements regarding this much-awaited phone, the genuine judgment can only be passed off once the smartphone is released and is in the hands of the consumer population. Following the announce-and-release timings of the Samsung S3 phone, it can be expected that S4 will be in the market no later than mid-May, though, still a far time to see off. Furthermore, its price range has also been rumored about, and seems to settle in with almost the same price as that of S3. That seems a reasonable bid, since prices are a leading factor in determining the actual consumer count. So hold on tight, S3-lovers, you might as well fall in love again.

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