Why Windows Phones are the Best Gaming Devices

People buy smartphones for a raft of different reasons, and making calls is just a small part of the whole picture. Today’s smartphones pack in as much computing power as you used to get with a desktop computer or even a gaming console, so it is not surprising that games developers are utilizing this power to create some great games that can be played on the go and which are almost the equivalent in terms of quality and immersive experience to many of those that were only possible previously from fixed stations.

The best smartphones for playing casino games come in three flavors, and Blackberry is not one of them. Android phones, iPhones and Windows phones are today the only real contestants, and we believe that the best of these is Windows 8 phones. The reason is simple; while the Android operating system and Apple iOS, the operating system used in the iPhone, are extremely powerful in terms of user interface they have become a little tired and jaded in both their appearance and approach. However, Windows 8 phones have a brand new and exciting OS that not only enhances the whole of the gaming experience, but also a convergent OS that integrates every mobile and fixed gaming platform.

When you play a casino game such as blackjack at an online casino using your phone, you don’t necessarily want to cash in your chips and start all over again when you play on your home computer or tablet. Neither do you want the complexities of using different operating systems and interfaces. Winning a jackpot is difficult enough without all of that extra clutter. If you play online poker, then it is even more important that you enjoy a consistent playing environment whatever gaming platform you are using. The only smartphone that can give you this is the windows phone.

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