Top 5 Latest iPhone Games

iPhone games are amazing to play and you can find games of many different types on Apple Store. The overall improvement is so rapid in these games that you will find graphics and gameplay that you have never experienced before. Here are some top games of different categories that might interest you:

Angry Bird Star Wars

Angry birds are back with their latest edition. After epic battle rounds on earth, the makers have launched the new Space version. Your angry birds might be lying on an asteroid and you have to hit it in Space in order to get other birds free. The new name of angry birds in this version is rebel birds that belong to some unknown galaxy. It can be played on 3GS and all latest versions of iPhone.


This is a mathematical game and helps to make your mind sharp. Countdown uses four mathematical standard functions as a tool for playing it (+,-,*, /). You have to insert these signs between different number in order to make the equation correct. There are number of levels and they kept on increasing with time. This mind game improves your multitasking skills.

Real Football 2013

Real Football has amazing graphics and it can easily mesmerize you. If you are a football lover, this game will give your experience on your iPhone that you never had before. RF 2013 is the latest version and the gameplay is quite real. The game has improved training sessions and you can use controller to play it on your iPhone. It is compatible with iPhone 3Gs and all latest versions.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

NFS has remained the top racing games of all times. From the beginning of EA Sports, this game has gained players interest. Hot Pursuit is no lesser than the previous. You are running a super-car and cops are chasing your vehicle. It gives an ultimate experience that you never had. You can claim high rewards in the game and hence can unlock new cars that are dream to drive. You can also take cops cars and chase the culprits to earn rewards.

The King of Fighter-i 2012

You might remember this game in your PlayStation one or Nintendo. KF is fun to play on those consoles and on iPhone. King of Fighter on iPhone gives you the same experience with more players than the previous version. The control is easy and you can use number of buttons on your smart touch screen. You can go for single player battle or team battle.

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