Top 5 Best Facebook Action Games for 2013

Nowadays, many people are addicted with online gaming but some consider it as time wasting and pointless. On the other hand, the perception of people to online gaming has changed when it was introduced in Facebook. Since most people are using Facebook, they prefer spending their time interacting with their family and friends through playing games. Likewise, the ease of inviting friends to join the game is made possible as it can be done through tagging.

Aside from the games that Facebook had introduced in the past, users can expect for more thrilling and exciting action games. However, some of the popular games in Facebook pose compatibility issues according to the platform being used.

Nevertheless, most of the compatibility issues are fixed that is why users can enjoy the games in this social networking site. Web design Phoenix is one of the companies offering web designs to search engines and they also design games.

Here are some of the best new Facebook action games that should be anticipated by users in 2013.

1. Hidden Chronicles – This is a challenging and fun action game that is comparable to The Gardens of Time. The player portrays the detective character that has left behind the mansion of the deceased wealthy uncle. The mansion needs upgrading and constant care. However, it also leaves the tasks of locating for hidden objects found across time dimension and geographical boundaries.

2. Dungeon Rampage – It features fantasy setting along with missions and dragons involved in rescuing prisoners. This RPG action game requires skill development that is why players should read the instructions in each level of the game.

3. ESPN Return Man – ESPN has designed this arcade game for football fanatics giving more realistic design. This is interesting because well-known football personalities guide the player throughout the game including Trey Wingo. Likewise, the player can also choose two options such as Season or Blitz. If you will choose the Season, you can continue a single game from start to finish. On the other hand, if you will choose the Blitz you can invite your Facebook friends to play with you. In order to achieve the end goal, the player should avoid the defenders. This is an interacting game in which players can purchase extra skills by using Facebook Credits.

4. RISK: Factions – It is a strategy oriented action game that is comparable to Risk – a board game. The player is well guided in using the armed troops in fighting against different factions. Once the player has taken over the continents, then he won the game. The player can choose either to play alone or with friends. Playing alone is ideal for practicing but for advanced player you can play against your friends.  On the other hand, the game can be repetitive or limited unless the Facebook Credits are consumed in order to obtain more options. This game is considered as a slight portrayal of violence, yet entertaining.

5. Miscrits of Volcano Island – This is the sequel version of Miscrits: World of Adventure. This action game features jungle, maps and different animal characters that suddenly appear all through the adventurous journey. That is why the player should practice it very well in order to master the route so that the animal character will not be ill as well as improve the character traits. Likewise, moving across different levels is very challenging. However, the game contains attractive graphics and cheerful ambiance.

Indeed, Facebook has made online gaming revolutionized by offering challenging and interacting action games in 2013. Surely, Facebook users will love and enjoy playing the new games as they are packed with actions and suspense.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Facebook Action Games for 2013

  1. Love Risk the board game, now I am going to have to try Risk: Factions

  2. Love these games on Facebook.

    They are real good time killers! I’m also going to try out Risk: Factions.