Top 5 Best Sound Stereo Systems for Listening Music in Cars

A high quality car stereo can make a dramatic difference in the way you listen to music. The right stereo can make the music sound louder, crisper and clearer. With new innovations in technology, car stereos are being updated with Wi-Fi connectivity, iPod compatibility and several innovative features.  On top of that, newer car stereos offer several perks that will make driving a dream.

Check out these awesome stereos for your ride:

1. Pioneer AVIC Z130BT

Tiny but mighty, this car stereo has several features that make it appealing to most consumers. Featuring audio playback, traffic data and hands-free calling, this stereo will make driving easier and safer. In addition, it features a built-in navigation system, so you never have to get lost again.Pioneer-AVIC-Z130BT

And to add, it features AM/FM radio, and it is compatible with DVDs, CDs, MP3s and iPods. This stylish stereo features a 7 inch touch screen display, thus making it a must-have for your car.

2. Alpine iDA-X305

This car stereo features a sleek design that will improve your vehicle’s interior décor. It is small, lightweight and compact, thus making it perfect for small cars; however, it can also be installed in larger vehicles.Alpine-iDA-X305

This stereo is perfect for individuals who want to listen to specific songs because it allows people to search digital media. In addition, this stereo has a USB doc, 7 inch display and a navigation system.


This car stereo gives people countless options in regards to musical selections. This stereo allows people to store their favorite songs and artists in a large musical library, and it lets people listen to their iPods or MP3 player while they drive. The Sony XPLOD features a compact design that adds a modern touch to the interior of your vehicle.3. Sony-XPLODCDZ-GT920U

On top of being stylish, the features this stereo offers make it worth purchasing for your ride. If you want a stereo that will make music sound awesome, then this is totally a great option.

4. Eclipse AVN72GE DVD/GPS

This stereo features hands-free calling, a cool design and an awesome sound system. What more can a person want?  Well, to add to the list, this device lets drivers play videos, and it also displays pictures. The 7 inch screen is a great size: it’s not too big, nor is it too small.Eclipse-AVN72GE-DVD-GPS

In addition, you can still play all of your CDs, and it is compatible with several MP3 devices; it even features a USB connective doc where you can connect your iPod.

5. EL Kameleon JVC EXAD KD-AVX77

This car stereo has several awesome features. One of the perks of this stereo is that, in addition to playing music, it lets you play movies and music videos on the touch-screen display.EL Kameleon-JVC-EXAD-KD-AVX77

It even has a wide viewing angle that makes driving safer. You can directly play music from your iPod, and because it features Bluetooth, this device offers hands-free calling. On top of cool features, this stereo has a stylish design that will totally boost your car’s appearance.

These car stereos will truly make driving pleasant thanks to their cool features and beautiful designs.


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