Doing it the Right Way ‘White Hat SEO’ (Explained)

SEO is the general name given to a term that deals with the various tactics used to improve the ranking of a website. SEO depends on certain keywords or phrases that are associated with a website. Search engines these days are fair and they provide websites with equal opportunity to obtain high ranks on the Search Engine Results Page’s (SERP’s). White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are two distinct SEO practices that are being followed.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO techniques are fair and they are the ones that are approved by search engines. Such methods are part of good website design and results that are produced through such methods generally have a long life. When an SEO technique is rated White Hat, it can be taken for granted that the method has followed the search engine’s SEO guidelines.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO techniques attempt to improve the ranking of the website by using deceptive methods. Once a search engine identifies that a website has made use of Black Hat SEO techniques, the search engine has the right to penalize the website.

As someone who is involved with internet marketing and SEO, it is advised that you follow White Hat SEO techniques as this is regarded as doing it the right way. Here are a few top White Hat SEO techniques that you can consider adopting.

  • Focus on producing quality content for your website

Search engines aim at leaving the user with the best website results for the keywords or phrases that a user searches for. A website will be ranked high by search engines if it has content that is original. Content that is original and one that makes use of keywords and phrases in the right way is ranked high by search engines on SERP’s.

Remember that content is the king when it comes to SEO. As an SEO developer, if you thought that you have gotten smart with working on copy pasted content, you need to think again as search engines these days have gotten smarter. Search engines can differentiate original content from copy pasted content. If you want to see your website occupy the top positions of SERP’s, you need to churn out quality content on your website. This is one of the best White Hat SEO practices that you can adopt.

  • Watch the kind of keyword and key phrases that you use

You must design and develop a website keeping in mind keywords and key phrases. The first step in this process is to identify the kind of keywords and phrases an Internet user might use to land on your website. Having identified the same, you must incorporate them in the various elements of your website. They must be effectively used in the title, various headline elements, links, Meta descriptions and title tags.

While working with keywords and key phrases it is necessary that you work with multi-word keywords and phrases. Assign each page with about 2-3 keywords that you have identified. Ensure that they are used in the important elements of the web page. When your keywords are well identified and well placed on your web pages, your website has high chances of landing on the top position of SERP’s.

  • Aim for quality inbound links

As a website owner you must aim at getting inbound links from websites that are ranked high by search engines. You must work on receiving links from websites that are relevant to the kind of subject that you deal with. This will automatically push the visibility of your website on SERP’s.

If you wish to improve the SERP’s of your website you must adopt one of the White Hat techniques.


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