Tips and Tricks to Get 100% Out of Android Phone Battery

Today, a smartphone is more than just a device of the modern age. There are more than a dozen applications of your day-to-day life that can be performed using your smartphone. When it is your Android enabled smartphone, then it goes a step further in making your life easier as Android is considered and rated as the best OS for phones last year. Android users are increasing in number day by day and people connecting to it are finding it difficult to stop using it.

The amount of power consumed by your smartphone in this sense is huge. Hence, you should know about various ways or methods to keep your battery power of Android enabled smartphone going on for long time. Consumption of battery is often not 100% and this is when you need the tips and tricks to utilize 100% of your Android smartphone. Here are some of the most calibrated ways to achieve this objective in style and sync with the modern era lifestyle:

Charge Lesser to Enhance Battery Life and Consumption Efficiency

Whether it is your Android enabled smartphone or your regular mobile, it is important to understand the easiest trick to enhance the life of your battery pack. Charging less will enhance the life of your battery. There is a technical or better scientific reason for it. Usually, all Android smartphones are now installed with Lithium-ion battery packs. They have a long durability along with enhanced charging backup. Charging it without getting exhausted corrodes the inner layers of the battery pack. This results in decreasing the life of your battery.

According to a study, in the beginning efficiency of your battery pack is close to 86% to 96% but after 250 charges it comes down to 74% to 80% only. This keeps on gradually decreasing and hence the easiest trick to consume 100% efficiency of your Android phone is to use it until it gets discharged completely and charge it then only. This will utilize the battery pack and also provide 100% efficiency.

Improvise the Display Settings of your Android Phone to make it Save More Battery Life

In your Android enabled mobile, the battery life is directly connected to the display power. Hence, the next trick to save the battery life and use it at 100% efficiency is to set the display options accordingly. If the brightness is set at 100% along with sharp contrast then it is easier to experience low battery notification often on your Android phones. Along with display setting, additional features supporting the Android domicile like GPS, Wi-Fi and other high end apps consume a lot of energy. Turn them off from settings if you are not using them actively. There are profiles based on “Power Saver” mode that can be chosen to automatically save battery life of your Android phone.

Task Manager in your Android phones is the main arena where you can make these changes and then simply improve the efficiency of usage of the battery packs installed in your smartphone in style to have a great Android experience.


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