Create a Custom Database Error Page to Avoid Database Problems

The most difficult part for the blogger could be gratifying readers faced with the downtime. You need to influence them in such a way that they will not get aggravated and please readers visit again as well. WordPress comprises of the WP core (PHP files) that WordPress consists of PHP files (the WP core) that act together with the MySQL database to create Web-Pages for your website. When all the things are functioning suitably, the dynamic interaction of the MySQL database and WordPress with PHP files maintains WordPress humming along as a competitor. However, WordPress cannot run and will provide the messages to your visitors when the database of your websites crashes.

You can show the error page of the custom database to your readers, whenever you experience the problem in connecting the WordPress to the database. You may create those error pages branded in order to make your blog still shine throughout the downtime.

Producing Custom WordPress Database Error Page:

Open any text editor – Notepad ++ or Notepad (Check some options here). The time has come when you play with your imagination and creativity. Now, you have to produce the creative and unique database error page. Also use some explanation for the downtime and remember to use the logo of your blog there.

You should ask your readers to examine the status of blog if you have any. It is necessary so that readers can understand the reason when your blog would be raised again and the downtime.

Error setting up the database connection – The question in every user’s mind arises is that would this detail support an assailant who has aimed your websites? The administrator of the website does not announce this to the whole world, this kind of special detail would only be announcing to you. Aside from this, the message actually is not assisting any person. It only signifies that it is time to move ahead to some other place and that the website is broke to the average viewers and visitors. According to the site administrator, the error message by default meaningless unless you are lucky to sit there considering your website when it occurs. It is good to say the default database error message.

  • The default database error message is useless and not functional for visitors
  • The default database error message is useless and not practical to site administrators
  • The default database error message displays the sensitive information.
  • The default database error message is ugly

Luckily, you can improve on and increase the quality of all these fields by implementing and creating your own custom database error pages. You can learn the idea to establish your own error page and put some functionality to the server side that would improve your website’s ability to react quickly to the problems of the database at the moment they occur.

To create and implement your own database error page, you have to produce the custom page and name your custom page “db-error.php”. Ultimately, you have to upload your custom page to the WP-Content directory.


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