Top 5 Best WordPress Pagination Plugins to Increase Page Views

To have one of the best pagination blog, one can make the use of the pagination plugin to use it. One should have the full control over the all pagination. The hyperlinks that are in it such as the next post and the previous post. The use of these two hyperlinks can be to navigate the posts that are near to it, but they are also in limited amount. One must can display the user friendly and they can have the better navigation also. To make the users more interested in content, one must have to use the SEO and increase their page loading over the internet, and here we can provide the links to our content that is older.

The use of these pagination plugins can automatically divide your information into the various pages that are linked to it. One can here easily access the information and make it more meaningful and customized. Here is the list of best pagination plugins to increase page views of a WordPress blog:

1. WP-PageNavi

This can be called as one of the best pagination plugin in WordPress. This can be used to replace the default pages like the previous and next and here we can give the numbering also. Here one can go to any page by clicking on any number on the page, these pages can open soon and they are also user friendly. By using the CSS we can do here anything, we can change here the page numbering of the page further.

2. WP-Paginate

The WP Paginate is very much flexible and we can make use of it very extensively. This plugin can be used to enhance WordPress features. The WP Paginate is very easy to use and the installation process is very simple.

3. Paginator

Paginator can be called as one of the unique plugins. The look of Paginator plugin is very nice and very attractive. Here in this plugin, we can do scrolling of all the pages to move from one page to another page. The scrolling of pages can be done easily in WordPress.

4. Ajax Pagination (This can be done in the twitter style)

We can make use of this plugin with the help of Twitter. As we are making the use of Twitter, we can do here all Ajax Pagination. The WordPress can replace the ill behavior of it to the Twitter by making the use of all the functionalities inside it. When we click on the read more, then this can display more information about the content on the screen. We can get a large amount of information.

Here, we can also customize all the plugins for our WordPress blogs.

5. jQuery Pagination Plugin

This type of pagination plugin can have the list of the pages, divisions and also paragraphs. This can have the various list of the content and more content can be contained here in it.


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