Has Facebook Become Too Commercialized?

Facebook has become a very strong tool for those who need to socialize online. It gives a person the ability to keep in contact with friends and family all over the world. Social online portals have become a popular way for people to stay in touch as well as for those who want to advertise their products and services to people.

The Internet and Marketing

The Internet has become a wishing well for a multitude of commerce and social websites that can grow beyond measure. The use of the Internet has been able to foster an increase in social and commercial connections all over the world. Many in the business industry see this as an opportunity to sell products and services to those who might find an interest.

Advertisement and Facebook

The problem with overwhelming advertisements has now become an issue for the highly favorable site of Facebook. Facebook originally was and still is today, used for keeping in touch with friends and family members over the internet. Many users today are closing their Facebook accounts because of the increasing ads. Many users may consider these ads to be in bad standards when it comes to those particular services and products.

Private Information and Facebook

The spread of private information has caused many people to constantly check their settings as well as the settings of their friends and family members. Many users have begun to complain about their information being sold to others for marketing purposes. Companies can match their database with that of Facebook to find comparisons in order to boost sales and gain customers.

Facebook Users are Closing Accounts

Many Facebook users are also complaining how they are now being tracked by companies to determine their buying patterns. This means that email, phone numbers, and any other information that pertains to services or products will be used to increase their potential to target consumers.

Users Upset with Facebook and Not Coming Back

Record numbers have been posted concerning Facebook users being feed up with changes in pages; over usage of marketing campaigns on the site; as well as other problems that are creeping into the once stable atmosphere of Facebook. Many have found that their private information settings have been altered and private information is being leaked. Many feel that the website is becoming more vulnerable to hacking and other intrusions.

Users Final Verdict is out on Facebook

Many have decided to leave and not come back to the website that many feel now is becoming more of a hassle than a help. Although, many feel that the commercialized state of Facebook has compromised many of its once loved features, some still feel that many of the recent upgrades have improved the usage of the site. Across the world from nation to nation, Facebook users have been closing their accounts due to the commercialized changes in the layout of their sites. The United States alone has been reported to have lost around six million users as more people continue to close their Facebook accounts. Many claim that Facebook doesn’t discuss the finer points concerning their privacy statements when using their online services. In the end, this has caused Facebook to face many of its problems and to find ways to avoid losing their once strong, but now diminishing customer base.


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