Latest Mobiles Used by Many Youngsters

Are you planning to buy your son or daughter the latest smartphone as a birthday present? With mobile technology becoming more affordable, youngsters are looking to flaunt the new generation of gadgets that hit the smart phone markets recently.

Here’s a list of smart phones that youngsters today prefer using.

iPhone 5: Yes, it costs a bomb. But, it still manages to keep the younger generation hooked. A significant part of the youngsters are dedicated Apple fans. As it is the first iPhone to flaunt a 4’’ screen, it also comes with the revolutionary Retina display that boasts about its life-like display. Powered by the A6 chip and the IOS 6.0, it is thinnest, lightest and most powerful smart phone device in its class. Also, the 8 MP rear-camera, butter smooth connectivity and ear-phones that deliver crystal clear sound are note-worthy.

Google Nexus 4: If you believe that you have an inseparable bond with Google’s wide range of products, then Google’s flagship smart phone is the ultimate option available for you. It has got all the features that the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices offer with the exception of there being no slot for external memory.. At   £239, this phone is a steal considering some of its specifications like a 1.5 GHz quad core processor, 2 GB RAM and 4.7’’ display. The device received huge applause upon its release and is one of the top-favorites among the smart phone lovers.

Motorola Droid RAZR HD: This sleek smartphone is hugely popular among youngsters all over the world. True to its name, it is one of the slimmest phones to offer 4G LTE technology and HD display. Coming with the latest Jelly Bean OS and powered by a mammoth Snapdragon processor, it has got killer looks and lightning speed that make it a favorite among tech buffs.

Samsung Galaxy Note II: For someone who never compromises on price and wants a smart phone that looks larger than life, this is the ideal choice. This phablet puts to shame all its counterparts in terms of processing speed (1.6 GHz quad-core), RAM (2 GB), battery capacity (3,100 mAh) and screen size (5.95’’).

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini: Being a miniature and inexpensive version of the highest-selling-ever smart phone Galaxy S III, it comes with a 4’’ touch-screen, Android Jelly Bean OS and is run by a 1 GHz processor coupled with 1 GB RAM.  The Mali 400 GPU ensures the smooth running of 3D games and HD videos. It sits beside the still popular Galaxy S II as one of the most affordable yet high-end Android smart phones.

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