Sony Xperia Z vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 – Performance Comparison

During this era of smartphone wars, it is hard for a company to remain at the top as new devices flood the market every month. The plethora of choices means that the user cannot decide which one to go for. The release of the Xperia Z marked the much awaited comeback of Sony in the high end smartphone market. Debates are still on about its chances in the smartphone ring in the near future, which is being dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung. If you are an Android lover then the obvious choices are Xperia Z and Galaxy S3. In this article we will compare the two devices to help you choose which one to opt for your next smartphone purchase.


The first and foremost thing that draws everyone’s attention is the sleek look! The Xperia Z comes with a water and dust resistant body, certified to IP57. It is wrapped in a glass frame which gives it a premium look, whereas the plasticy rear covers in Galaxy S3 gives it a cheap feel adding to its drawback. Though the Galaxy S3 comes in a Polycarbonate shell that makes it comparatively stronger, Xperia Z design can be regarded more subtle.


Till recently there were no competitors for Galaxy S3’s display quality with its 1280*720 resolution 4.8 inch AMOLED screen. But Xperia Z bests the S3 with its 1920*1080 resolution and an increase in screen size to 5inches. The Pen Tile sub-pixel array in the Galaxy affects the clarity.


The Krait 1.5 GHz model of the Xperia Z gives it an upper hand in performance over the Exynos 4412 of Galaxy S3. Both phones operate on quad core processors. Comparing RAM, the Sony has 2 GB while Galaxy S3 has only 1GB. In case of storage space Galaxy S3 is more flexible, since it comes in 16, 32 and 64 GB options and an additional storage is provided by a microSD card slot. Though Xperia got microSD card option, it comes in a single option of 16GB only.


When we discuss on internet and connectivity, both Galaxy S3 and Xperia have chrome as their default browser since both phones are powered by android. But Galaxy S3 has also incorporates the Touch Wiz browser which performs far better than chrome. These smartphones lack Flash capabilities and if you want to use the Flash Player, you have to install it separately. In case of Xperia in order to use Flash Player an alternate browser should be installed from the play store, since chrome doesn’t support it.


Considering the specifications, the Xperia outperforms Galaxy S3 with its 13MP camera powered by a Sony sensor while S3 features an 8 megapixel one. Xperia also has a 2.2 MP front camera and featured with exciting and useful video modes. To get your favorite click, Xperia automatically snaps different scene presets. You can enjoy photography in Galaxy S3 even in relatively low light.

We hope that we have covered the major differences between Xperia and S3 helping you make a decision. In case of specifications Xperia Z remarkably tops Galaxy S3. For those who don’t mind the price tag; with no doubt, Xperia Z will be a real asset giving a wonderful experience of next generation phones. But it is also recommended that you wait as the Galaxy S4 launches soon.


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