Free Flight Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

The world seems to be changing every single day. It is becoming more technical. You know longer have to call and speak with someone in order to do most of your daily activities including purchasing airline tickets or booking a flight. There are quite a few options for trying to making your travel arrangements, but one of the best new options is through one of the convenient apps that are available for both the iOS and the Android devices.


FlightTrack is a great app for any traveler. It works as a great assistant to any traveler letting you track your incoming our outgoing flights, allowing you to find baggage claim information, and you can even get gate information in regards to your flight or the flight of an expecting arrival. You can even track the process of the flight on a clever map that will continually update with the location and estimated time arrival. It has never been this easy to try and find out if your arriving guest will be on time.


This is an extremely helpful app for both iOS and Android users. You never have to worry about getting lost in an unfamiliar airport ever again. GateGuru will not only help map out your terminal, but it will help map out the entire airport with pictures. You will be able to see a list of available shops and restaurants as well as read reviews. You will be able to whip through the airport for you will be able to see projected wait times for check-in and security.

FlightAware Flight Tracker

Never struggle with questions over your flight status ever again. FlightAware provides up-to-date flight tracking information on any current flights throughout the world. You will be able to see departure times, estimated time of arrival, and even delay information. You can even set your FlightAware to notify you if any of your current flight information may change. You no longer have to worry about showing up for a cancelled flight for the minute that it happens you will get a notification.


FlightView has been recently updated, and is currently one of the most top rated apps that are available for both the iOS and Android devices. FlightView has worked diligently in order to try and ensure that your travel is a pleasant and easy process. You will be able to check the major components of your flight such as delays, cancellations, departure times, arrival times, and even flight tracking. It does not end there you will also be able to check on status in regards to internal airport delays, current weather conditions, and even estimated travel time. You may be flight from Florida to Michigan, why not text the guesswork out of the weather conditions? You can dress for the weather you are currently in, but plan for the weather at your destination location.

Most of the major airline websites provide their own version of a flight tracking app. Some of them will help you to organize your itinerary, price out ticket options, or even research renting a vehicle. The downside is that most of these apps will only allow you to complete these tasks if you have purchased the tickets through their site. This can be rather difficult if you purchase one ticket directly from Delta, but the other ticket from Kayak. It is best to download a third party app that will allow you to track a flight no matter where it is, what airline it belongs to, or where your tickets were purchased.


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