Top 5 Best and Popular Android Apps and Games for Girls

It is common knowledge that the games male folks choose to play — on smart devices — always falls into these three major categories which are; sports related, combat challenges and online betting games. And if you take it upon yourself to check the mobile device of every male teenager or young adult, you are a hundred percent sure of finding a game or application under these three categories, while with the female folks, the situation is totally different for girls are generally drawn to gaming activities that are extended reflections of themselves.

Now, for those looking to purchase android apps for their girlfriends or female folks, here is a little tip; understanding the female psyche is the first step to getting the perfect game for a friend, sister, or loved one because a lover of fashion will always love trendy,shopping games while a cooking enthusiast would definitely love a recipe application butif you have no clue on the android apps or games to get a friend or add to your collection of favorite applications, this list is sure to provide you with something unique that will be worth your while.

Top 5 Android Apps and Games

Top Girl by CrowdStar:

If you are either a fashionista or a shopaholic then this advice is for you; play Top Girl only if you can handle addiction for it allows every girl leave the dream of testing different outfits, purchasing them, walking on major runways, attend parties and even go on virtual dates!

The Top Girl requires an android smart phone that is equipped with at least the Android 2.2 operating system and any other higher Android operating systems. It takes up 26 megabytes of space.

Boxing Girl Dress-up Lite by Magisoft:

For the sport inclined girls or better still, girls with a soft spot for boxing while playing dress up, the Boxing Girl game allows you fulfill that ever elusive dream of “dancing like a butterfly and stinging like a bee” while been dressed up like Cleopatra. This game is designed to provide players with different challenges as well as with the capability to select and use different outfits in each boxing match.

It requires an Android 2.2 operating system or any higher versions as well as approximately 5 megabytes of memory space.

Farm Frenzy by Hero Craft Ltd:

For the agriculturally inclined girls who would love to have a feel of what it’s like to run an agricultural setting complete with your own farming and poultry settlements, Farm Frenzy would be the perfect game for you because it provides players with realistic agricultural simulations and tips to managing farm produce while raising cash across its 72 stages.

The requirement needed to run this application; is any Android operating system above the 2.1 version, an available 12 megabyte memory space.

Pretty Trina’s Hair Saloon by MagiSoft:

Girls who are interested in getting some hair styling tips both for virtual and physical use, this application is the way to go for it is a fun app that lives up to its reputation of providing hair styling tips for all colors, texture and types of hair. It runs on all Android operating systems above the Android 2.1 and approximately 10 megabyte of space is what is needed to install the app.

Bakery Story by Team lava Games:

Now, for the lovers of confectioneries and pies, here is a game for you to test your abilities to dazzle the palettes of your virtual audience. The user-interface provides gamers with a very light atmosphere which makes relaxation and the need to experiment possible. The Bakery Story is suitable for all female audience regardless of age.


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