Sony Xperia Z vs. Apple iPad Mini – Performance Comparison

The war for dominating the tab market is hotting-up with almost all major and key player in the mobile phone or smart phone or handheld market vying to have their share of the ever increasing market pie. Even computer and computer peripheral manufacturers also seem to be interested to have a share in the tab market. But the leader and one of the pioneers in the market is Apple, and still the Apple iPad Mini is one of the most sought after tab, but the latest one to challenge its supremacy is the Sony Xperia Z. Let us take a comparative look at both the tabs. Both the tablets are Candybars in forms and tablet, and both offer a range features that are very common, yet they are distinctly different when taken a closer look. Here are some interesting differences.

1. OS-Operating System: The Apple iPad Mini uses iOS 6 and above whereas Sony Xperia Z uses Android 4.0.3.

2. The Screen: The Sony Xperia Z has a 5 inch screen whereas the Apple iPad Mini has a 7.9 inch screen. With a 58% bigger screen, Apple iPad mini can be a better option to read mails, watch movies or simply browse the internet and so on.

3. The Processor: The Apple iPad Mini uses a Dual Core processor, whereas Sony Xperia Z uses a Quad core one. More cores mean better parallelism. That simply can be explained as more parallel processing of tasks without any significant slowing down of the user interface. Hence the two more cores will surely make Sony Xperia Z faster than Apple iPad mini.

4. The CPU speed: Sony Xperia Z uses a 1.5 GHz processor whereas the Apple iPad mini uses a 1 GHZ processor. A 50% faster CPU will definitely make Sony Xperia Z a smoother CPU than its counterpart.

5. Dimension: The Apple iPad is 7.2 mm in thickness and the Sony Xperia Z is about 7.9 mm in thickness. Being 8% slimmer Apple iPad mini is easier to carry and definitely might look more stylish.

6. Storage Capacity: Apple iPad mini has a 64GB inbuilt memory capacity, compared to a mere 16GB of Sony Xperia Z. Though expandable memory options are there, but it is definitely better to have more memory on the system, and Apple iPad scores better.

7. RAM: Sony Xperia Z boasts of a 2GB RAM whereas it is just a mere 512MB RAM for the Apple iPad Mini. RAM definitely makes the phone faster and allows more applications to run at the same time.

8. Screen Resolution: Sony Xperia Z offers a screen resolution of 1080X1920 pixels which is almost more than 150% higher than Apple iPad mini’s 768X1024 pixels. Sharper pictures and a crisper screen is a result of more pixels.

9. Camera: The camera at the back of a Sony Xperia Z is a 13.1 Mega Pixel one compares to a 5 Mega Pixel camera of Apple iPad mini. It definitely produces much better pictures. Another important aspect about the camera is that the Sony Xperia Z also has a flash light for the camera, which is absent in Apple’s iPad mini.

10. Other interesting features: Sony Xperia Z supports expansion of memory using memory cards, and also HDMI for streaming photos and videos to your LCD TV, and also allows listening to your favorite FM station, none of which is presented by the Apple iPad mini. Sony Xperia Z also allows DLNA enabling sharing pictures, music, videos over Wi-Fi and also allows Wi-Fi tethering, which the Apple iPad mini does not allow.


The Apple iPad mini and Sony Xperia Z seems to have almost the same type of software support for multimedia, internet browsing and technology. Connectivity is almost of the same type, and similar phone features. Wi-Fi positioning and Cell ID are added advantages of the Apple tab, while speaker phone can be for the Sony. But the clincher may be the price, where the Sony Xperia Z is much cheaper than the Apple iPad mini. Overall all the indicators seem to favor the Sony Xperia Z when compared to the Apple iPad mini.


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