Writing Testimonials for Building Backlinks

Writing testimonials for websites is a great way to get some backlinks to your site. A well written review can augment your credibility, and increase your conversion rate. Remember that your testimonial has to be short but engaging. A big rambling testimonial will be glossed over for sure.

Also be sure to be genuine. A fake testimonial will make you lose your standing.

What you can mention in your feedback:

  • How the product or service helped you resolve issues or increased efficiency of your business
  • How it increased productivity or sales
  • How their products and services compare to other companies dealing in the same products and services.
  • What makes you feel this product is better than the others
  • 2-3 main benefits of this product

A testimonial helps the company you are writing about because new customers will be convinced about their products and services. It is human nature to be skeptical about a new company or new product. When they see good reviews written by satisfied customers, they will be able to decide. That is why an organization will always be happy for you to write them a testimonial. You could even ask them for some guidelines.

If you have purchased products from a particular site or business for your office, you can always leave a testimonial and seize the chance to leave a backlink to your own site.

Locate your target and email them and tell them you would be happy to write a good review for them. They will be happy to hear from a satisfied customer. Once they have agreed to let you write a testimonial, make it a good one, and at the end, just leave your name and the URL of your website.

You could also write a testimonial on your own website and then write to that company and tell them about it. This way you will get some more visitors to your site; if they are really happy, they may even link your site back to their own.

There are also certain websites that exist for reviewing products. You could even leave your feedback there and include a link back to your own site.

Some corporations may mention such things on Twitter. They may even retweet the whole testimony. If the company you are reviewing is active on Twitter, you’re in luck!

Some companies showcase testimonies on their home page or right in the middle of the product page. This will give you great visibility.

You can also be innovative and write testimonials on your won social networking site accounts. For example you can write a review and post it on your Facebook wall and also leave a link to your own business site. This way, people who read the testimony may check out your site too.

Testimonial link building is more approved than other methods of link building like say, exchanging links. If you are unsure whether you can do a good job, you can even get a professional to do some good writing for you; just make sure that you include all the points you want to put across.


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