13 Coolest Phone-Controlled Gadgets

If you’re still using your phone primarily for communication, you’re missing out on a world of creative possibilities. Whether you want to control your home or reinvent laser tag, there’s an app for that. With the right apps you can control a range of fun, quirky, and downright strange devices for every need imaginable (and some needs you never knew you had).


Install this advanced doorbell and you’ll have a whole new level of security for your home. The camera mounted above the doorbell allows you to see who’s at the door from an app on your phone. You can speak to the visitor remotely, giving the impression that you’re home even when you’re not. When you are behind the door, this app gives you the ability to easily decide who’s worth missing your latest sitcom for, and which visitors you’ll choose to screen.

Desk Pets BattleTank

The Desk Pets BattleTank is the latest, and arguably coolest, addition to a long line of interactive toys you can run with your smartphone. Using the free app, you can control your tank, instructing it to fire on an autonomous tank or that of a friend. Every hit you take will slow you down and make you an easier target. The tank even has an autonomous mode so you can watch it rev up on its own. This miniature battle game offers hours of addictive and entertaining fun.

Flower Power

The Flower Power device is a simple sensor that you place in the dirt by one of your plants. The associated app on your phone will collect all the data you could need to give your plant a long and healthy life. You’ll receive information on the fertilizer, sun exposure, humidity, and soil moisture so you know just what to do to convince anyone of your impressive knack for raising plant life.


Whether you’re looking to startle a roommate or entertain your cat, the Insectoid remote-controlled insect is a fun little toy that’s a refreshing change from remote-controlled vehicles. An infrared sensor plugged into the top of your phone controls this six-legged bug. The associated app will give you an onscreen joystick with eight directional controls for realistic scuttling action.

AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag

You can take laser tag to a whole new level with the AppTag Smartphone Laser Tag toy. Attach your smartphone to the gun and you can play single or multiplayer games with the on-screen video and prompts. The gun works for laser tag, capture the flag, and single-player arcade-style games.


The iKazzo is a multipurpose device that can become just about anything you want. This slim and supremely sensitive device acts as a musical instrument, joystick, game controller, pedometer, voice changer, and more. The open source software allows you to connect with others to create an endless stream of creative apps for the device.

Bluetooth Gloves

Communicate wirelessly without taking your phone out of your pocket using these technologically advanced gloves. Answer the call with the control pad on the back of the glove and talk to the hand – literally. As long as you don’t mind talking to your pinky and listening to your thumb, this is the perfect solution for warm and cozy convenience on a cold winter day.

Smartphone-Controlled Air Conditioner

A handy smartphone app controls this Kuhl air conditioner so you never have to get out of your comfortable chair to adjust the temperature again. This also solves the problem of disappearing remotes, since your phone is sure to close at hand, wherever you’re lounging.


If you didn’t think the concept of the ball could get any more interesting, you were wrong. The Sphero is a remote-controlled ball that you manipulate through an app on your smartphone. You can invent your own games for the ball or play with the pre-programmed games in other apps. After each charge, the glowing ball is good for about an hour of use.

Dog Caller

The Dog Caller dog collar prototype is a handy accessory for your pet that ensures the best safety in hot environments. The collar will sense the temperature where your pet is and send you a text alert when it gets too hot. If you ever leave your dog unattended outdoors or in a car with cracked windows, this app will keep Fido safe while you’re away.

Rover 2.0 Spy Tank

If you have secret fantasies of being the next super spy, this gadget will get you on your way. A simple smartphone app controls the Spy Tank. While you control the tank’s direction, the sleek device takes live video of its environment. The camera is even equipped with night vision so you can collect surveillance 24 hours a day.

My Satis Toilet Control App

If you didn’t believe that there could really be an app for everything, prepare for defeat. The My Satis app works with specially designed toilets to give you a clean and carefully controlled experience every time. The app will raise and lower the seat, flush the toilet, control the bidet, and even watch toilet usage. Whether you’re intimately interested in your bathroom habits or looking for one last way to hassle your family about water usage, this product is what you need.

Philips Hue Light Bulbs

With the specially designed Philips hue light bulbs and accompanying app, you can control every last detail of your home lighting. The app lets you do standard tasks like setting lights to a timer and turning them on and off remotely, but it also does much more. You can set the color of the bulb to match any hue of your choice, even going so far as to select a shade from a picture on your phone. Now that’s ambiance.

With the right apps and toys, your phone can become just about anything you can imagine. Say goodbye to standard features and turn your Google Nexus 4 phone into something new with these innovative gadgets.

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