R4 3DS Cards to Get the Previously Selected Game

A single thumb trolley resolution designed by the talented R4 team for the breathtaking Nintendo’s amazing designer’s 3DS system is R4 3DS. The original R4 3DS cards are likely to be stable and reliable in comparison to the position. Barely two cards or possibly the newly launched new slot machine One cards present for the specific Developers DS/ DSi XL. Apparently, the specific R4 3DS cards have the biggest marketing thumb cards in the market. The cards are reputable, robust, simple and straight forward to bring to use. Thus, it is highly recommended to novices as well as children. These cards are useful for actual DSi games along with Nintendo DS games.

The cards are loaded with other attractive features which make them better than other TT cards and Acekards. Amongst the many important features of the actual 3DS cards one of them is browsing around World Wide Web, viewing films along with video clips, seeing images, play as a guitarist or get information.

The actual card runs best the homebrew software as well as render attention to MP3. It is compatible with 3DS along with Nintendo DSi XL as well as Nintendo DS Lite and DSi. However, it utilizes much of the space as much as 16 GB or 32 GB. It renders support to Moonshell and other kids of homebrew. Integrated with the latest Moonshell Two.3, your 3DS cards facilitates totally smooth reset. It helps you to memorize your guitar fret board and store the pas selected video game. The cards have Real-time themes with regard to random themes variety function too. Likewise it can acknowledge with different variety of SD Cards, its volume and the type of formatting u want. All along your cards you will find the Wi FI Google search option present with NDSiLL, NDS and NDSi. All you need to do is click on the game which you want to download and the online games will eventually appear on the assigned desktop. These cards are compatible with Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DS.

Role of R4i SDHC Card

Well after discussing about the previous retaining of files and apps from R4 3DS card, here is something on the newly launched R4i SDHC cards. These cards are multi functional upgrade products from the actual R4 flash card series. An exciting range of amazing games launched for people of every age. The flashcards are highly cost effective and compatible with Nintendo 3DS V4.5.0-10, Nintendo DSi V1.4.5 (DSi, DSi XL and LL), Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS lite. Some of the exciting features of these cards are:

  • Easy user interface and simple to use
  • Built No Pass
  • Soft Reset Assisted
  • Incorporated with current beta version Moonshell 2.0
  • Memory expansion via MicroSD card slot
  • DLDI auto patch
  • DS Rumble Pak support
  • Power saving sleep mode for a bigger standby
  • Supports live skin changes


You can download, play share and do any anything with your flashcards. They are here to stay. The games have gained great popularity and forms to be an exciting amusement for everyone. With so many versatile features, you can store images, movies, music and home brew games. A great game to go for with amazing features to match it!


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