Sony Xperia Z vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: Which is better?

The launch of Sony Xperia Z took the tech communities to surprise with its exceptional quality. It is one of the attractive handsets having decent specs reasonably. But the question comes is whether it is comparable to the android standard of the mobile lines of Samsung.

Comparison between Xperia Z and galaxy S4

The Sony Xperia Z had outperformed the Samsung galaxy s3 in the market with respect to its price and features but the new launch made by Samsung in the galaxy S4 is having a new ballpark altogether. At the very first glance we can see that galaxy S4 is beating out Xperia Z as far as the feature specifications are concerned.

Key features with detailed specifications

The specifications of these two phones are as follows:

  • CPU – 1.9 GHz in galaxy S4 and 1.5 GHz for Xperia Z.
  • RAM – 2 GB for both the phones.
  • Storage – 16/32/64 GB micro SD internal expansion for galaxy S4 and 16/32 GB expansion for Z.
  • Display – the display for the galaxy S4 is super AMOLED with 4.99 inch and 1920×1080 full HD and 441 ppi whereas in the Xperia Z you will find a 5 inch LCD, TFT Bravia engine with 1920x 1080 and 443 ppi.
  • Cameras – the camera in galaxy S4 is 13 mega pixels rear ad the camera in Z is a 13.1 mega pixel rear plus a front camera with 2.2 mega pixels at front.
  • Battery backup – the battery backup in galaxy S4 is of 2600 mAh which is removable and the battery backup in Xperia Z is 2330 mAh which is not removable.
  • Operating system – the operating system of galaxy S4 is of android 4.2 having Touchwiz UI whereas the operating system of Xperia Z is of android 4.1.2.

Design and build quality

Both the phones are having almost equal weight and size with little difference in it though the designs are varying to a great extent. As far as the design and look of the handset is concerned you will find for Xperia Z, it is having a more boxy design featuring a glass on its back. For the front build quality Xperia Z is having some extra prop to have a water resistant as well as dust proof design. It allows the set to get submerged for 30 minutes without adverse effects in water.

Android features in operating system

Sony Xperia Z is coming in android version 4.1that uses custom overlay of Sony on top. The interface of it is integrated tightly with the media services of Sony. If you are considering the user interface and operating system then Samsung is having a winning side here.


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