Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5: Comparison – Which is better?

The two most popular smartphones currently out in the market are Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Both these phones boasts of having stunning looks along with power packed features. Also, both of these devices are riding high on the success of their predecessors. However, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 are too different from each other.

The following is a brief comparison between both of these devices that will help you to decide which is the better among the two!


In terms of hardware, you can conclude that there is no match for Galaxy S4 in the market. This phone has got an octa-core Exynos processor which offers lightning fast speed when you are operating the phone. On the other hand, Apple operates on Apple A6 dual core processor.  Also, S4 runs on double the RAM, i.e., 2 GB as compared to iPhone 5’s 1 GB RAM. Even though in terms of figures you may see conclude that the camera of S4 is better however it’s not the case, as iPhone5  camera technology is far better.

Both of these devices have got beautiful screen with Galaxy S4 sporting a 5 inch Super AMOLED screen backed by a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, whereas on the other hand iPhone 5 has got a 4 inch IPS LCD screen backed by 1136 x 640 pixels. There is also a huge difference between the batteries of both the devices with battery of iPhone 5 being just 1440 mAh and that of S4 being a massive 2600 mAh.


In terms of design iPhone 5 is much smaller as well as lighter than Galaxy S4. The look of the Apple device is far better than the latter. Another noticeable difference between the look is that iPhone 5 has got an aluminum finished body, whereas the look of S4 is still plastic. However, the heavy weight of S4 can be justified by the presence of huge screen.


In terms of hardware, the S4 might be the clear winner; however there is a tough competition between the two when it comes to software. Samsung Galaxy S4 is running on Android version 4.2 with the TouchWiz skin user interface, whereas iPhone 5 runs on the popular iOS6 software.

iOS is more fun and easy to use and is one of the most demand OS in the world. However, you cannot do more tweaks and run third party apps on your iOS device. On the other hand, Android might not be powerful enough, but it surely allows the user to customization in the phone,

Customer Support

Apple support world over is a class apart. You may be highly satisfied with the tele or web based support of Samsung, however Apple is much ahead in this regard. Both of the device carries a manufacturer warranty of one year.

Lastly, both of them are great smartphones and offer you true value for money. Samsung Galaxy S4 is much better than the Apple iPhone 5 in terms of hardware; however it can hardly match the design and customer support of iPhone 5.


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