Choosing the Best Laptop for University

Studying is tough, hectic and continuous. Being a university student means multiple assignments, vast amounts of research and a tough routine all of which requires a sturdy machine to fulfill your needs. A reliable and fast laptop is the priority with a large hard disk and enough capability to download items and also be able to easily watch movies. Cost is also an issue since students usually are not able to afford pricey laptops.

The Choice is Yours!

Even when focusing on cheap laptops it is easy to be baffled by the thousands of choices available and there is no single choice that would be right for everyone. Here are some factors that you need to focus on and decide what’s more important for you:

  • Operating System

For the best operating system to suit your university needs choose between Windows or Mac both of which will assist you in study work. If windows then it’s advisable to go for XP which is rather old but will take less space in case you are low on cash and going for an older, cheap laptop, or choose Windows 7. If you choose Mac it will be costly but Mac Book Pro or air is preferable for their flexibility.

  • Laptop, Screen and Keyboard Size

It is best to opt for a larger screen size because it will aid in reading research material and also writing assignments. Constant reading on a small screen will cause persistent stress on the eyes, which needs to be avoided. Screen issues can be fixed by connecting the laptop to another monitor but it can be hectic and not possible for everyone.

If you purchase a large screen laptop it will come with a larger keyboard which will also assist in university work by making typing a lot easier. A smaller keyboard will cause numerous mistakes and will require you to be extra careful.

Netbooks are small and very easy to carry around in classes, especially for girls, but they limit activity and the screen and keyboard size is also small. Though laptops are slightly larger they are still easy to move around thus mobility is not a huge issue with any, all you need is a comfortable laptop bag.

  • Memory

Normally all laptops have enough memory to allow basic functions to aid university tasks but since you are investing in a machine, it’s best to invest once. Decide what else is important to you, what more do you want to use your laptop for? If your hobby is photography and you wish to edit pictures or videos or even play games with graphics you need a large memory probably 4-8GB RAM. If no extra functionality is required then a simple 1 GB RAM will suffice.

  • Reviews

Lastly always read reviews before the final purchase, make sure your future laptop has exactly what you expect and take free advice from people who have already been using it.

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