World Cinema – Great Documentary Films and Film of all Times!

World cinema presents a panorama of cultures, history and different genre of films made across the globe. While discovering the various facets of World Cinema, one should peep into the films from China, Spain, Italy, Iran, India, Brazil, South Korea, Africa and various diasporic cinemas. Further with the ever increasing global population, technology is also growing and its possibilities seem unlimited. The most immediate impact of latest technologies can be found on world cinema. This impact can be traced over the years. Some of the finest movies releases in 2012 include The Invisible War, How to Survive a Plague, The Waiting Room, Planet of Snail, Wild Bill, Django Unchained and various others.

Success of Commercial Films:

Changing eras have been caught and stored on celluloid and they truly represent a cultural exchange. Through some of the greatest movies of the world we can experience the thrills and entertainment of the World cinema. The stunning performance of the French films, the sheer grandeur of the Indian films and the complex drama of the Chinese films can be discovered by you.

Over the years various films have been made that have gone down in history as the greatest movies. Ben-Hur, Sound of Music, Wasteland, Forrest Gump, La Femme Nikita, Low Profile, Amelie, A Prophet, 2046, The Horse Thief, Farewell My Concubine, Crouching Tiger, The Road Home, Hidden Dragon,  Suzhou River, and House of Flying Daggers, Volver, Mother India, Pather Panchali, Apur Sansar, Mughal-e-Azam, Sholay, Dilwale Dulhanian Le Jayenge, etc will remain as some of the best made films ever. With films being all over the world and in numerous languages, it would be a Herculean task to make a list of greatest films ever made.

The significance of world cinema is immense and it is apparent from the stature of the film festivals, like, Cannes. Whether you realize it or not world cinema has become an integral part of your film watching and it has gradually seeped into the popular culture. Movie buffs worldwide have appreciated the films made across the globe.

Great Documentary Films:

Vittorio De Sica, Satyajit Ray, Marc Achbar, Santiago Alvarez, James Benning, Michael Apted, Les Blank , Alan Berliner are some of the most well known documentary filmmakers in the world. Documentary films have their own niche audiences. While we love to watch happy endings, we also want to watch reality onscreen in its unadulterated form. What makes documentary important is its portrayal of reality as it is. Initially it was shot on film stock but nowadays it is into digital and video productions. Fahrenheit 9/11, The Last Waltz, I Cavalieri di Malta, and Man on Wire are some of the greatest documentary films ever made. One interesting part of the documentaries is that they can even be made without any dialogues.

Films, like life, seem never-ending. Some entertain us; some educate us while some even disappoint us. Yet you can never ignore filmdom as it will keep spinning its beautiful web of great movies and documentaries in the years to come.


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