How to Protect Yourself from Harmful Rays of Laptops

With the availability of cheap laptops mostly all of us are available to afford one and all our work depends on them. Considerable amount of hours are spent each day using this machine thus considerable amount of harmful rays are absorbed by the body. It is important to understand what they are and their affects on us to motivate ourselves to use these machines in a healthy manner.

What are EMFs?

EMFs are electromagnetic fields which are electric and magnetic forces that are invisible to us. They travel in waves and are a radiation. Not all EMFs are dangerous; there are natural EMFs that are produced by natural elements such as the earth and the human body but the frequency of these is very low, around 10 hertz. Natural EMFs in our body give energy to cells within us for them to carry out their daily functions effectively.

Artificial EMFs are generated from technological devices such as electric rollers, television, refrigerator, mobile phones, Wi-Fi device your personal laptop etc. The electric field of this EMF is always present when a device is plugged in while the magnetic field only starts to operate when the device is in use. Electric field can be blocked by metal while the magnetic field can penetrate anything including buildings, metal and human bodies. Strong currents result in stronger fields. Since a long time we have been exposed to EMFs but slowly the around is growing and the exposure now is thousand times more than our grandparents.

Dangers of EMF

Many processes within our body rely on natural EMFs and other fields to run effectively but with radiation and forces from outside the internal processes can become affected resulting in harm. Altering nature is always harmful and the human body must never be put at risk, health risks such as stress, disturbance in sleep cycles, DNA changes etc. can easily caused by EMFs. Mainly it produced electric currents in the body, thermal effects as well as effects of ionized radiation.

Safe Usage of Laptops to Minimize EMF Radiation

Due to the dangers, many organizations such as WHO, have set limits for technology to only emit a certain range of EMF for our protection, but this amount increases when the technology is in close proximity and laptops are one device that we always tend to place upon us.

Laptops as the name suggests were invented for easy use by placing the computer on our laps but this is extremely harmful and should be avoided as direct contact with our body’s means passing of more harmful rays. Laptop accessories such as desk, tables etc. should be used to place the laptop at a distance. Even then rays can be transmitted through use of keyboard and it is very healthy to invest in a separate keyboard and mouse which can be used from a distance.


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