Smarter Gaming on the Smartphone – Everyone’s doing it!

With the explosion of high-end, yet, affordable smartphones onto the UK market, gaming has entered a whole new level of convenience and popularity.

The option of being able to play your latest game anywhere and at any time has given rise to whole new generations of tech-savvy gamers of all ages and backgrounds.

While most people would consider their games console to be the main provider of pixilated fun and entertainment, the rise of smartphone gaming cannot be overlooked. Females especially, are turning to their phones as a favorite source of game playing.

Ease of use

The process of finding, downloading, and playing a game is simple and easy to remember, thanks to the format of today’s smartphones. With the familiar step-by-step technique, which becomes second nature, on almost every model of phone, even the most ardent technophobes are able to confidently navigate the online games markets.

The simplicity speaks for itself. Visit the marketplace of your choice, browse through the lists of available games, choose the game you want, and click “install”. Easy!

Of course, touch-screen technology plays a big part in the ease of scrolling through lists, and the ability of simply pressing an on-screen button.


Another explanation of why mobile gaming is reaching out to so many people is affordability. While even the lesser-known titles on the mainstream games consoles usually set you back by at least £30, smartphone games are generally free to download and free to play. “Freemium” games offer the user a full gaming experience with the option to buy certain upgrades, items, or currency within the game world. Although, these purchases are not essential to the gameplay, they can often to speed-up progress through the game itself.

For instance, if you can afford to buy in-game currency, then you don’t have to wait around for the daily rations of cash to build up, meaning you can take delivery of that top-of-the-range sword you’ve been eyeing up, immediately!

Of course it’s not just the games that are affordable. The cost of buying mobile devices themselves continues to fall year-on-year, especially for the level of technology your money buys. Heck, there are even ways to get iPads totally free!


Depending on the type of game being played, exclusive items for your on-screen farm/cafe/palace are available to purchase, so you can smugly show those off to your friends.

The social aspect of smartphone gaming is a big plus. Visit your friends within the game and work as a team. Play together from your own phones, no matter how far apart you are in the real world.

Fun, affordable, easy, and accessible, gaming on your smartphone is the future; and the games industry knows it!


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