Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Note 3 – Comparison and Issues

Even though being surpassed by the appearance Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2 still one of the most popular and preferred Android Smartphones available in the market, as a matter of fact it is selling millions of units across the globe since of its arrival last year. As well Galaxy Note 2 still remains as one of the best choice Android Smartphone in the market despite being threatened due to the arrival of its presumed heir, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Report imply that currently Samsung is working on three potential Galaxy S3 models that includes one that featuring the Galaxy S4 style design, Galaxy Note 3 featuring a flexible display and one that featuring a totally latest design. While the consumer aren’t still not precisely convinced of what Samsung has up its sleeves of their new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, already there are some main points that end users should aware on how Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will measure up with Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Regarding this, let’s discuss the five issues to know how Note 3 will match up with Note 2:

Larger Display

Report stated that the Galaxy Note 3 is featured with 5.9-inches display, quite larger compared to the display of Galaxy Note 2 and an inch larger than Galaxy S4. It simply means that those who are captured with Galaxy Note series should be aware that Note 3 is likely being the largest Galaxy Note model.

Design Tweaks

The appearance of Galaxy Note 2 is far from the original Galaxy Note where the design and look of Samsung Galaxy S3 that was launch last year being replicated. The rumors said that the most reasonable presumption about the look of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is appearing like a larger edition of Galaxy S4 with improved polycarbonate plastic, faux metal band and most probably with a lighter and slimmer frame as compared to its antecedent the Galaxy S4.

Note 2 Will Acquire Note 3 Software

Without a doubt, most of the possible Galaxy Note buyers should aware that Note 3 is likely to be the first to have first dibs on the main Android updates this year and further than. Moreover, more likely it will also be equipped with a lot of unique software features.

As we’ve observe that GS3 was confirmed that it will acquire the main features of GS4, on the other hand GS2 which also acquired the UX interface of GS3, and the features of Galaxy Note 2 and GS3, usually Samsung preferred to outfit their older gadgets with its new software.

Regarding this, at some point down the road expect that Galaxy Note 2 will get the software of Galaxy Note 3. It’s just simple things that give potential consumers an idea that Samsung’s older device are much more practical to purchase.

Galaxy Note 3 the First Android 5.0

If possible Galaxy Note 3 arrives later in 2013, as projected; it will appear quite a few months after Google I/O, the supposed start date for Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, or Android 4.3. It simply means that it will likely have it on board. That means as well that Samsung still have few months to update their Galaxy Note 2 with Android 4.2 and Android 5.0.

Galaxy Note 3 Launch Date Still Uncertain

Undeniably Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hailed to be as one of the top choices on shelves for days to come. Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 won’t be arrive until later of 2013. Rumors stated that the possible launching of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is on September this year but I don’t like to expect that Samsung will augment the launch of Note 3 that much.


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